Wedding Updates

4:17 PM

I've gotten a couple small {monogrammed} details for the wedding that I'm really excited about!

First is my dress label. I ordered it this morning and the Etsy seller has already shipped it to me! I can't wait to get mine in to show y'all. This is Jeannine's over at Small & Chic in Cville.

Mine will look exactly like this, except of course have my initials and our wedding date on it. I got my current monogram put on it. I love that this is the last thing I'll have with my old monogram on it. Especially considering if I buy anything monogrammed right now, I put my new one on it. There's no point getting my current one anymore and I can't go 8 more months without buying something monogrammed!

This next item is an exception to my current-future monogram purchasing. I got an embosser to put our return addresses on the back flap of our Save the Date envelopes. I'm really excited about it and I'm sure it'll look great! It should be here in a week and a half (maybe less)! It's coming all the way for California, so shipping might take a bit. I can't wait to try it out! 

I'm also starting to get a more concrete idea of what I want everyone to wear to the wedding. Mom's dress being a pale gray cemented that as one of our colors. I was choosing between that and champagne, so we have our winner! I also didn't want to put my girls in the same color that my mom will be wearing, so I'm loving the idea of putting them in blush. I'm also back wanting long dresses. I just think they'll go better with the over all theme of the wedding and they're just so pretty. It will also help me to not go so crazy about what shoes everyone is wearing. There's also more uniformity with where the dresses hit everyone. With short dresses, they're not going to hit a girl that's 5'8" in the same place they'll hit someone who's 5'2". I think Amsale has the prettiest blush chiffon bridesmaid dresses! If we got with these, I'll probably let the girls choose between a couple of different necklines so that they can wear what looks best on them. We only have 2 weeks until we go shopping, so I'm sure I will have made a definitive decision after that!

In non-wedding related purchases, I think I'm going to get these jeans! Neiman Marcus is having their Denim Event and you get $25 off your first pair! I also found a coupon code for free shipping, so it's almost too good to pass up. Or so I'm telling myself.

Colored jeans are very in this year, and I love the red! You can never have too much red when you're an NC State fan either! This post by TCSK really inspired me too. I just love this collection of things. I even tried my own top knot bun today! I really want to get some red lipstick too! Not for all the time, but definitely for fun special occasions! 

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm sure a lot of y'all will be watching football tomorrow just like us! We have a big game against Florida State at 12:00 and Brandon is so excited for the Florida vs. Georgia game at 3:30 (i.e. the world's largest outdoor cocktail party). We're a red family through and through. 
Go Pack! Go Dawgs!

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