Wedding Wednesday: My Shoes!

9:23 AM

I was thrilled when the UPS man decided to grace us with his present at 6:45 last night!
I had been waiting for these shoes since I ordered them last Wednesday, and truth be told...probably since before then.

I am so happy with them! They are exactly what I wanted. The funny thing is, the more I wore them around, the comfier they got. 

Hidden in my closet for safe keeping until my dress appointment! I'll probably get another pair of cheaper slingbacks to practice dancing and walking around in so these won't get messed up. They also pass the test that Brandon's still taller than me! Being 5'8", that was definitely one of my main concerns with getting 4" heels. I also compared them to my 3" Kate Spade pumps and these honestly don't make me that much taller.

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