The Rivalry Game

1:17 PM

I don't think it gets any better than a freshly painted football field on a beautiful fall day with a stadium full of red and white. Especially when we're playing our rivals at home. We're currently 4-0 against the Tarheels and looking to get our 5th consecutive win against them. I think TOB put it perfectly when he said, "It's more important to get 7 wins than beating UNC, but some games are more important than others." It doesn't matter how either team's been playing the entire season (thank goodness), when we play each other; we're both there to win.

Especially after the negative comments Carolina's head coach made about out academics, the ante's just been upped. We now know what button to push if you want to see our usually calm, cool, and collected head coach get fired up. Talk about our academics when your school has no room to talk. You can find a summary of the incident here.

My love for this school is unexplainable. It's something that's in my blood. My four years at North Carolina State University were some of the best of my life. I made wonderful friends, while being able to stay close to my old ones. I met the love of my life and joined a sorority that I could truly call my home away from home. There's a pride in being an NC State fan and alum that no one else could ever understand. There are no band wagon Wolfpack fans because sometimes, there's nothing more frustrating than being a Wolfpack fan. It's all worth it though. The excitement that fills Carter Finley as those players run out onto the field with the American and North Carolina flags waving. It's the best.
This is not RED. Not light red or dark red. This is behaving like a Pack of Wolves. It's where Torry first went deep and where Lorenzo made the shot. This is never giving up, not ever giving up. No, this is much more than RED.

Y'all know where I'll be on Saturday morning {in my new red jeans}. Bright and early. Go Pack!

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