Halloween Weekend Recap

9:47 AM

I really needed this weekend for my sanity! You can only go nonstop for so long until you are just plain tuckered out. Now if only we could start going to bed a little earlier.

Friday was a wonderful night in. We had homemade barbecue chicken pizza and a delicious salad. Then spent the rest of the night watching football.

Saturday was a wonderful day {if you ignore that football game we "played"}. I was able to get in a good workout and we cleaned the house a bit before Sara Beth and Fred came over to watch the State game. We had a great time and ate some yummy appetizers while watching the Pack play. I wish I had gotten pictures of our food because it was beyond yummy! Sara Beth made a cheese ball/wreath and I made Skinny Taste's buffalo chicken dip.

Sunday we made it to church for a wonderful service and then to the Farmer's Market for brunch. I think Brandon and I both wished we had ordered different things, but it was still pretty good and crowded as always. All of the staff was dressed up, so that was fun people watching! We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the farmer's market getting great deals, running other errands and getting ready for Halloween. I was so excited with our decorations this year!

I also made these Halloween yarn wreaths inspired by April. 

I decorated a little bit on the inside of our house, but this bead wreath on our back door is my absolute favorite.

We found some great mums at the Farmer's Market for $2 each! I also love these white pumpkins. They're all perfect for Thanksgiving too!

We carved our pumpkin on Sunday night and we of course picked a wolf pattern!

Ew! Pumpkin guts!

We had rainy and cold weather, so we only had about 12 trick or treaters. It was still a lot of fun handing out candy and seeing everyone's costumes. We had some really cute kids come to our door, but our favorites were a little fireman and fairy.  The fairy and her family were Wolfpack fans too, so they loved our pumpkin!

Brandon loved handing out candy even more than I did! He kept peering out the window to see if anyone was coming and then when they were, he had to "play it cool" so he didn't get to the door before they knocked on it! It was so cute.

What did y'all end up doing? Any fun parties or did you hand out candy like us? I hope y'all got more traffic than we did!

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  1. Beautiful Weekend ! lovely all pictures and pretty look. yummy food and nice planning
    B&B Brugge



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