One Year!

12:54 AM

Luckily, the one year is for our engagement anniversary, not our one year countdown until the wedding. Sometimes it's really hard having a long engagement because I'm so ready to be married to Brandon. However, I know everything is working out exactly as it should and I'm just happy and blessed to be marrying him at all!

I know I said that I would have something fun to share with y'all...well here it is! When Brandon was proposing, Cody caught it on video! This isn't the entire thing, but it's the most important part...when Brandon asked me! I was so shocked! I know a lot of people probably found it hard to believe that I was so surprised by the proposal because it was a long time coming, but I couldn't believe it was happening while it was happening!

It's honestly really weird to see/hear myself in this video, but it's so amazing to have it. I know that years from now it will mean even more. On a more vain note, I'm so happy that my hair has grown so much since then! I chopped it off 6 days before pretty much as a "we're never getting engaged, so I don't need long hair" rebellion and since no one felt it necessary to figure out how to convince me not to cut it, short it was! Mom and Brandon still insist that if they had said something I would have either been suspicious, cut it just because they told me not to, or both. 

I'm so excited to get to go try on my wedding dress and go bridesmaid dress shopping! It's going to be such a fun day with a lot of the people that I love most. Fingers crossed that we find the girl's dresses! Unfortunately, my veil didn't come in the mail since Friday was a holiday, but I'm still excited to get it (hopefully today!). 

Happy engagement anniversary Brandon! I love you so much. The past four years have been amazing and the past year of being engaged has been an incredible journey. I can't wait to see what the rest of our engagement brings leading up to officially starting our lives together as husband and wife! I know this is just the start of our wonderful life together where anything is possible!

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  1. so cute.. I wish I had ours on video! It will be such a great memory!



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