Panty Hose...Love 'em or leave 'em?

10:57 AM

With the cold weather finally approaching (hopefully), I feel like the panty hose topic is something that is once again on the table. Panty hose are such a controversial topic and it amuses me to no end. The hatred that some women have for them (my own mother included) is enough to make anyone stop and question, "What's the point?"

A little history:
In the 1920s, the fashionable hemline for women rose enough to show the legs, and sheer hosiery that covered the legs was only available as stockings. They were first made of silk or rayon, and after 1940 with nylon, which had been invented by Du Pont in 1938.

Panty hose are definitely seen as "proper" in a more formal setting. Their importance to some definitely increases as the weather turns colder. In my sorority; once it became October, we were all required to wear some sort of hosiery (panty hose, tights, knee highs, etc.) to all formal chapter meetings. This was the rule until around March, when the weather would warm up.

Kate Middleton has been credited with bringing back the panty hose trend. As a member of the royal family, Kate is required to wear them. As a fashion icon, she's silently making the case for others to begin wearing them as well. Kate wears them well and the right way. Hers are always sheer and almost unnoticeable, except when we catch the subtle sheen. 

I also have a feeling that the cast of Pan Am is doing wonders for panty hose sales.

This past Sunday first got me thinking about this debate. I wore a dress to church and didn't feel quite right without having some sort of panty hose or tights on my legs. I know this is probably because I'm more concerned about being proper and the etiquette of things than most, but it's who I am. I'm sure no one else even noticed. I guess it's all those years of Junior Assembly (cotillion to most) and sorority life that drilled it into me. I'm wearing a dress again today, but have on my trusty hose. I know it's silly that it only matters to me when it's cold, but it is what it is. They also help keep my legs warm and who doesn't appreciate a little help keeping everything sucked in? 

You can't even really tell I have them on in this picture. That's the point, though. They're supposed to keep your legs covered and warm while not announcing to the world that you have them on. There are some definite offenders out there that wear hose that are way too dark for their skin coloring. Those are definitely a don't in my book, but as for all the others? I'm in the love 'em camp! My only complaint is that my shoes slip off my heels much easier when I wear them. I may be alone, but I don't mind! What's your feeling on them?

Mine are from Target and I'm pretty sure I went with the Hanes brand. I went to look for them online and I guess more people are a fan of panty hose than I thought because Target's all sold out online!

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  1. I wear dark colored, opaque hose a lot in the winter. They are thicker than regular hose, but aren't as thick as leggings. I hate leggings.. I did recently buy a pair of white, opaque hose (or tights) and I love them. I'm not a big fan of sheer because they remind me of my mommy dressing me for church as a little girl...but maybe it's something to reconsider! :) Thanks for the post!

  2. I was raised by a very prim and proper New Yorker and bare legs were not appropriate unless you were at the beach. Interestingly, I loosened up after a few years in the south. So, until I was about 27 or 28, I always more stockings. I also wore skirts almost every day, so I had quite a collection.

    I have to add that I find college students mandating attire for other college students a bit comical. I say this as someone who had a similar experience (though far, far more extreme than mandating stockings). I see that as one of the shortcomings of my organization, not a strength. I was a leader in that group and I perpetuated the practice, which makes me cringe today.



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