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12:04 PM

Seeing our wedding ticker say 6 months, 0 weeks, and 0 days tomorrow is going to be such a weird feeling.

Wedding Countdown Ticker

I'm going to start working on some of my DIY stuff now (really this time), so that it won't all sneak up on me two months before the wedding. My goal is to get the following DIY projects at least started by the end of this year:

-Favors (family recipes)

-Drink stirrers


These would be really cute on the bathroom doors!

I also want to start on whatever our exit accessories will be. I love the idea of doing the spakler exit, but I feel like everyone does that now. It does look really awesome (which is probably why everyone does it).

My other idea was to make ribbon wands. I'm just not sure if they would look as good for a nighttime exit as they would for a daytime one. They're still really fun, and you wouldn't have to worry about you neighbor catching you on fire!

 I'm hoping that tackling some of these projects will help me to feel like the wedding is finally almost around the corner. I'm excited for have to find extra room in our house to keep all on my projects!

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  1. I did sparklers for our exit 10 years ago! I feel like I was on the cutting edge of before it became trendy. :) It was also very appropriate since we were married July 6th. I say, do what you want, regardless of what other people do - it's your day!

  2. We got married in September and we had our guests use sparklers as we left. It was fun! I had the same worry as you..that everyone is using sparklers these days. Our wedding planner told me that it doesn't matter because years from now, when you look back at the pictures, you want to look back at a picture of something you LOVE & not something that is just "okay." Years down the road, it won't matter what the "fad" was as long as it was something you loved. :)

    As for other ideas... what about glitter? Or if they all blew on kazoo's as y'all left? (That'd be kinda of cute and quirky). You could always go with something more simple, classic... like bubbles. Maybe you could even find some cheap, little tiny hand-bells like teachers use & everybody could "ring" "wedding bells" at you as you left. Could be cute. Good luck!

  3. Both of those ideas seem great! Mentioned your blog in my post today!

  4. I like sparklers, In the night when you leave how great, BUT most important is what you want, It is your Day,

  5. Cute ideas! Can't wait to see how they turn out :) If you are doing sparklers, make sure you have open space above - my cousin did sparkers and we were all sort of bunched under this awning thing outside and it got really smoky and the pics didn't turn out as well!



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