Wedding Fun!

10:40 AM

This Saturday was AMAZING! I had the best time with 5 out of my 7 bridesmaids, my mom and two aunts. I seriously could not have asked for a better day!

We went to see my dress first at Alexia's and it is so perfect! It's definitely going to need to be taken in quite a bit, but I don't see that as a problem. I didn't want to take it off. My shoes look perfect with the dress too. I'm also happy to report that after standing around in my shoes for an hour, they were just as comfortable as I was hoping! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go put it back on! I wish I could show them to y'all, but then Brandon would see and that's not going to happen! I didn't get my veil until after my appointment, but I was excited to get it at all! It's gorgeous and everything I wanted. I am so ready for the wedding to be here and for Brandon to see me in my dress and veil. It's going to be the best day of my life. 

After I finally agreed to take my dress off, we made our way over to Bella Bridesmaid. Christy is fantastic to work with and I'm so glad that she's taken over the Raleigh franchise. She was great about making sure that I spoke up about what I wanted because I was mainly concerned with the girls being happy and looking their best. As I'm sure y'all know, I was really wanting the blush Amsale dresses, but they looked terrible against the girls' skin. Completely washed them out. Not good. We ended up going with the charcoal and I think everyone is really pleased with them. Luckily, I can show you pictures of these!

I had the girls try on all of the different styles and from there we narrowed down the dresses. I was originally planning to let the girls have a couple of different style bodices based on whatever looked best on their bodies, but it ended up that they all looked best in the same one! We did go with a different dress for Sarah, my MOH. She's on the left in her one shoulder and my cousin Elizabeth is on the far right in the dress that the bridesmaids will be wearing.

 Sarah in her special Maid of Honor dress.

Meredith in the dress.

This is the charcoal color we're going to go with.

I'm so excited to have such a big thing marked off our list!

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  1. I will say if you picked out bridesmaid dresses that is one of the hardest task! So many skin and body types to match is hard!



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