Wedding Wednesday

4:32 PM

I feel like I'm finally getting some things accomplished in wedding world and it feels great!

We've received our stamps for the Save the Dates, the embosser, and the envelopes in the past week. The wedding stamps are so cute and add a nice personal touch. The embosser turned out great and I can't wait to use it. Remind me of that after I emboss 120 envelopes. The only thing I'm not too pleased with is the color of the envelopes. I think I'm going to exchange them for either a starker white or a metallic color. The only problem with the metallic is they might be hard to print addresses on without them smearing. 

On another good note, I actually ordered my mom's MOB dress. I though I had already ordered it, but the order never went through. When I finally realized this, the 25% and free shipping sale was over. Luckily, JCrew is having another one right now! I ordered it again and triple checked to make sure the order went through this time. It should be here in time for Saturday!

Here's the dress if you forgot what it looked like.

Last night while Brandon was at bible study, I tried to look for dresses for his mom. This was semi-difficult just because there aren't very many color options. I would like for her to be in some sort of pale green to go with the rest of the wedding colors, but it doesn't really matter. I just don't want her in a dark color since we're going for a very understated color palette. I think her dress should be long since my mom and the bridesmaids will be wearing long. It's just difficult being a June wedding because I don't want her to be too hot, but she's very modest at the same time. Any suggestions on places to look? We don't want to spend too much on her dress, especially after we got such a great deal on my moms! I've looked at Nordstrom and David's Bridal online and didn't find too much.

I got an email from the lady making my veil and she finished it! She's sending it to me today! I can't wait to get it. I think trying on my dress is going to be so much more real with having the shoes, jewelry, and now my veil! It is going to be such a special moment trying on my wedding dress for the first time. I'm so happy that my mom, most of my bridesmaids, and two of my aunts are going to be able to be there for it! Saturday is going to be a busy day, but hopefully we'll find the bridesmaid dresses and I'll still love my dress! Fingers crossed that there won't be a problem with shortening my train either!

Do y'all remember my post here with all my ambition to get started on my DIY projects? Well, I haven't done a single one! What am I waiting for?! We're definitely on the downward slope of the planning process, even though we have more time left than some people have from engaged to married! Saturday is also our 1 year engagement anniversary and I do plan on sharing something fun with y'all then! 

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  1. The embossing looks wonderful! I can't believe you have to do it 120 times, though! And I love that J.Crew dress--so chic! Hope your week is going well!

  2. Hey Kelsey! I know this post is old but I'm wondering if you could tell me where you ordered your embossing stamp from? If from Etsy, can you tell me the name of the shop please? Thanks so much!! My email address is :)



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