Christmas Eve

12:42 AM

We had a great time at my Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch on Christmas Eve! We opened our Secret Santa presents and then played Dirty Santa with our $10 red gifts. I tried to be good about taking pictures (and I ended up taking a ton!) I got a lot of lunch, but didn't get any of dinner later that night!

 While we were relaxing after lunch, I found this amazing picture of my Grandma on her wedding day. Does she not look just like Grace Kelly?!?! I freaked and asked mom where that dress was and why I had never seen it before. Apparently one of their dogs at one point got into the box and chewed it up. I was and still am (and will always be) devastated about that. I had already put myself in that dress walking down the aisle in the two minutes I had seen it.

My great grandfather

I also found this hilarious picture from 1983!

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