A Griswold Family Christmas

9:15 AM

This past weekend, like we have for more years than I can remember, we headed up to Boone to cut down our Christmas tree! We had such a wonderful time as always and I remembered to get pictures of most of our day. I'm going to split our trip up into two posts because there are so many pictures that I wanted to include.

Finding a Christmas tree that both my brother and I will agree on has always been an extremely difficult task. They're either too skinny, too fat, too bare, weird shaped branches, not a good point. We could seriously find a flaw in the perfect Christmas tree. 

We normally go get our tree earlier in the season so that the tree haven't been picked over so much. We didn't get the "perfect" tree in my mind, but it's pretty enough...even though it's a bit too tall now that it's in our house.

We love this family tradition and I know it's one that Brandon and I will continue once we start to have children. Eventually we'll just have to add more cars (and trees) to our trip as our family begins to grow. If you've considered doing this, but haven't actually gotten around to it, I highly recommend it! The memories last a lifetime.

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