Save the Dates

10:23 AM

I am so excited that a lot of our guests have started receiving their save the dates! I mailed them out on Monday and I think a good chunk of people got theirs last night!

All ready to be sent out!

I decided to make Save the Date magnets because I figured it would be easier for people to keep up with them and you can always use another magnet! I designed them using Photoshop and then uploaded them to Vistaprint. We really got the best deal ever on these magnets.

I wanted the envelopes to mimic the Save the Dates, so I addressed everyone's names in the same font as "Save the Date" and then used the same font for the addresses as I did for the additional information. I think they turned out great and look just formal enough. I definitely didn't want our save the date envelopes to be as fancy as our invitations.

When I ordered the save the dates, I was also able to get 250 business cards for free! I decided to use these for our photo share cards. I created a website on Shutterfly so after the wedding our guests will be able to access the website to share and view photos.

I also submitted the bridesmaid dress order! Another big check out of the way! I can't wait for them to come in. I know they're all going to look so gorgeous in those dresses!

Now it really feels like the wedding is just around the corner! Especially since today our countdown now has a 1 in front! 199 days and 4 weddings before we get married!

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  1. They look so great!
    We looked into magnets but ended up making ours postcards!!!
    Hope you embossing wasn't too bad!

  2. Hi there. Would you be willing to share the font you used? I stumbled on your blog after searching for save the date magnets. You're look amazing.

  3. Hi! I used Some Weatz. The best part is it's a free download.
    Here's the link:



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