Six Months!

11:23 AM

I promise I'll be back soon with lots of Christmas recap posts. This month has really flown by! I can't believe we only have six months left until the wedding. It really hit me when I realized that not only would I have a different last name in 6 months, but all of Brandon and my finances would be joint. I think that'll be one of the biggest changes to married life. It won't be my money and his money anymore, but "our money." I did decide that we both needed to each have one of our own credit cards for present buying holidays. What fun would it be if we saw what the other person got for each other on our bank statement?!

This month we:
-Ordered the bridesmaid dresses
-Sent out Save the Dates
-Met with a florist that I LOVE (she seriously went into my brain and pulled out exactly what I wanted)
{I need to send them our deposit!}
-Ordered our photoshare cards and created our photoshare website

I've also made a list of when I'm doing what DIY projects. For January I'm doing:
-Drink stirrers
-Table numbers
-Moss initial letters (haven't decided on 2 Ms for TSC doors or a K and a B)
-Ordering our monogorams for the back of our reception chairs

I'm glad I have so much to do the next few months because Brandon is going to be so busy working! It'll be time to order our invitations before we know it!

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