Table Runners

1:36 PM

Y'all, I swear one day I'm going to make up my mind on these table linens. Today just isn't going to be that day. When looking through the new Southern Weddings magazine, one shoot in particular caught my eye. I loved the green and white and the crispness that it brought. 

The linens brought the idea of table runners to the forefront of my mind for the first time. We could do simple white linens on the guest tables and jazz it up with homemade table runners! It would also be a great way to bring a monogram into the reception without being overdone. 

I love the idea of designing a custom duogram. I don't think it would be too difficult to get the design screenprinted onto a piece of white fabric and then sew some pretty ribbon on either side. We would still stick with our round tables, but I think it would be such a nice touch. 

I think they would have to be a little thicker than the ones shown on a square table, but not as wide as the ones below.

Probably something closer to this size.

There are just so many options to choose from! The thought of having all of the tables in the silver linen always seems to leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the color that our guests would see. I would want the table liners to be a close match to the green of my beloved lamb's ear so that things would still be centered around our garden theme.

So what do y'all think? Table runners, yay or nay?

And as a completely separate side note. I just heard about another gunman at Virginia Tech. It's so scary to think that another tragedy could happen on their campus again. Prayers that they catch him and the police officer that was shot is okay!

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  1. For Matt And Abby rehersal dinner I am using burlap as a table runner.

  2. I vote yay, those are so pretty!



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