5 Months!

3:24 PM

It's been so fun to go back and read the few "countdown" posts I've done previously. Since we're getting so close, I'm going to try to make sure that I do one of these every month. 

I didn't get started on a lot of my DIY projects because I've been reworking some of the things I thought I wanted to do and some I realized would be cheaper and easier to get someone on etsy to do for me.

My 6 months list:

I've decided that I like the look of this suitcase with the pennant better than anything I was previously considering. I'll use it for our wedding and then sell it afterwards so that it can hold lots of card love. Brandon loves the look of this too.

I'm really going to start on these this month. I need to email our family members and get them to send us two of their favorite recipes. Then I'll focus on finding the right containers, ribbon, and tags for them. I'm leaning towards getting a fun twine instead of the natural colored jute. Something like this. I'm just scared the green won't go well with our straws.

We could always go with the blossom twine.

-Drink stirrers
We got our straws and ribbon in the mail the other day. Now I just need to pick up the wooden sticks for the ribbon stirrers and pick paper for the straws.

-Table numbers
I'm LOVING the inspiration picture I found on Southern Weddings where they used vintage dessert plates as their table numbers. In our family, we love mixing fancy dessert plates with a plainer white plate and I love that I could use the plates after the wedding for entertaining!

-Moss initial letters (haven't decided on 2 Ms for TSC doors or a K and a B)
My moss letters are ordered and on the seller's list of things to do. I honestly think my perfectionist nature would have gotten the best of me on this project and I would have ended up ordering them in the end anyways. Plus, I love the color of the moss she uses. I also decided to go with 2 M's because we'll be able to use one of them on our front door after we're married.

-Ordering our monogorams for the back of our reception chairs
At this point, I've decided that we aren't going to do this. I might make up little signs that say "Mr" and "Mrs' instead.

Other things we've accomplished this month are:
-Finalized our invitation design and placed our order
-Brandon's mom got her dress (and looks great in it!)
-Booked our videographer
-Sent in our florist deposit

We've also schedule a lot of important vendor meetings for this week. On Tuesday we're meeting with the tent company to finalize everything we need for that and on Thursday we're meeting with a lighting guy. There's no point in spending this much time and effort on planning and decorating if it's too dark to see anything!

We're also meeting with the minister who's marrying us as well as the minister of music to discuss our ceremony at the beginning of March.

This month it's our goal too:
-Find a hair/make up person for me
-Figure out hotel blocks
-Decide on groomsmen's attire and let the guy's know
-Figure out if we're going to have a bagpiper at the ceremony
-Order my garter
-Talk to Wendy at The State Club about our reception menu
-Work on favors
-Make drink stirrers/straws

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