Beasley's Chicken & Honey

12:46 PM

Brandon and I love trying new places, especially in our beloved Raleigh. Even better if it's downtown. I've been wanting to try Beasley's forever now, and Brandon had actually already been there for lunch once before. Unless you are a big lunch eater, it might be a little too much food for lunch, but it was perfect for dinner and exactly what we were craving!

As soon as we walked in the front door, I was smitten. I love the vibe...the furniture, the menu, even the glasses are right up my alley. They don't have a huge selection of food, but who needs it when everything is as delicious as what we ate. Quality over quantity.

This is the newest fruition of Ashley Christensen's culinary genius, a sort of three-in-one type concept. It's one building, but split up into three restaurants. The first is Chuck's, a burger bar that I've also been dying to try. Beasley's, which I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone craving some good ole Southern cookin'. And rounding out with Fox Liquor Bar. They only serve alcohol, but it'd be such a fun spot to grab a before dinner drink. These three in addition to Poole's Diner and Ashley's appearance on Iron Chef (where she was robbed), easily make her the most famous and popular chef in Raleigh, if not all of North Carolina. Next time you're in need of a fun new restaurant, I definitely suggest one of her spots.

Brandon and I each got our own fried chicken (white meat), and shared the Hook's 3-yr Cheddar Pimento Mac-n-Cheese Custard and the Beauregard Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar-dijon butter. Yum.

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