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Sorry I've been MIA from blogging lately. My work computer has been on the fritz all week, so I've been on a temporary one since then. It's just not the same when it's not your computer. Even when all your files are saved on the server!

Lately I've been completely consumed by wedding planning. It's partly a way to spend my time while Brandon's busy studying away, and mostly because we're about to be in crunch time! Ya'll. A week from Monday we hit our 5 months mark. I can't even begin to explain the ball of nerves I feel in my stomach when I think about that. It obviously has nothing to do with being married to Brandon. I could have married that man 4 years ago and never looked back. The wedding though...that's another thing entirely. It's crazy how my to do list has gone from things to do this month to things to do this weekend! 

Things I've gotten done in the past few weeks/days-
We've decided on our tent rental company as well as our videographer! I just have to send them their deposits before those things are both officially checked off the list! I can't wait to tell y'all who we've gone with. I am so excited with how our wedding video is going to turn out. This was one decision that was definitely worth the wait!

This is the inspiration for what I want our tent to look like:

I love how the tent liner completes the look of the tent, but there's just something about the simple light strands that I just love. And don't worry...Brandon's still getting his black and white check dance floor.

I've been in the process of designing our invitations for the past week and have finally narrowed the design down to two different options. I think they're going to turn out perfect. I won't post the final product until after we've sent them out, but I'm so excited about them. They're going to be classic and traditional, but a little modern at the same time.

I've also been ordering some supplies for my DIY projects.
Last night I ordered paper straws and the ribbon for our drink stirrers.

Another exciting check is that Brandon's mom got her dress for our wedding. I think it looks great on her and she's comfortable in it, which is the most important part!

I also went ahead and ordered our moss letters. It takes the seller about a month to make them, and I wanted to go ahead and get on her schedule so that she didn't have to rush. I think they're going to look great on the front doors of The State Club. We decided to go with two Ms since that'll be my new last name!!

In other exciting news, I have my first dress fitting on the 23rd of March! It's nice to have a date. I think this is finally the motivation I needed to start keeping track of what I'm eating and get my booty in the gym! I'm starting a 30 day challenge on Sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to stick to that.

We're also in the process of scheduling meetings with our officiant and the director of music at our church. It's going to be amazing to talk to both of them and really nail down our ceremony order. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to go where, I just have some smaller details to fill in as well as make sure that that's good with Ned (our minister). I can't wait to start on our ceremony programs. Getting these steps done are going to make the wedding seem even more real than trying on my dress or booking our other vendors.

Can't wait to post about how my first few DIY projects turn out! 

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