Christmas Night

10:06 AM

On Christmas night dad came over to celebrate with us. He actually walked in to me asleep on the couch and Brandon asleep in a chair. We were tired from all the morning activities!

We ate our delicious leftovers in addition to the asparagus that dad brought over. It was all just as tasty the second time around! After dinner we exchanged gifts. I made Brandon be in charge of most of the photography this time.

My brother opening his present from dad.

He got the Ray Bans he wanted, so he even cooperated for a picture!

Dad opening his present. We got him some fly fishing stuff that the guy at Orvis said he would like. 

Brandon opening one of our gifts.

A blueray player! So excited! It even streams Netflix! We of course had to try it out, so we watched Tangled. Dad had been raving about it, and it was a great time to watch it!

Me with our new All Clad Slow Cooker! Dad got us the fancy one with the cast iron insert. I'll have to do even more cooking now! As you can see, even though we all showered, we didn't change out of comfy clothes and I didn't bother to put on any make up.

Cheesing hard.

I also got a cute top from JCrew and my brother got the coolest Apple Time Capsule. It's a wireless router and a hard drive that automatically backs up everything on your computer! Brandon and I are going to miss that thing when Ry moves out!

We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house the next day to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family. I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures, but it was a wonderful time! We got some more stuff off our registry, which is always exciting! I had so much fun getting to play with my cousin's daughter. She is going to be so cute as a flower girl in my other cousin's wedding this May! 

That's all for Christmas posts! I know y'all were getting sick of them. I have a big wedding update to post soon!

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