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5:03 PM

Since we're almost done with the invitation ordering process, it's time to think about addressing those envelopes. I've lost my mind and am going to address them all myself. I'm scared and excited all at the same time to see how they turn out. Finger crossed!

Since this is going to be a huge part of my life in the next couple of weeks, I've been thinking about the proper way to address our envelopes. We're having inner and outer envelopes, so that's twice as much contemplating on how we want to do things. 

With our save the dates, they were more informally addressed. I just did Mr. First Name Last Name or The Last Name Family if we're inviting the entire family. Now I'll be adding middle names to the mix as well as each specific invitees name. That's a lot of writing!

In our case, we'll be addressing the other envelopes for married couple as:
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Smith
and the inner envelopes will be:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

If it's a family, theirs will be addressed:
Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Smith
James, Jane, and John (in order of age)
and the inner envelopes being:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
James, Jane, and John

All of this may be pretty obvious to you...but in other instances, like in addressing all of our thank you cards, did you know that most people address things the wrong way. I've definitely been guilty of this too...

When addressing an envelope when you use first names, you always have the wife's name FIRST.
I know...I was ignorant too. The logic is so simple, that I couldn't believe I didn't realize it already. 

The reasoning is that the husband's first name is never separated from his last name, even if last names are not included in the wording. Jane and John Smith is correct. NOT John and Jane. NOT John and Jane Smith. John did not marry Jane Smith. Jane married John Smith. Just like if you insist on having a married monogram (even though it's not a true monogram) - the man's name is never separated from his last name on that either.

Do y'all feel enlightened? I know I do! Now let's all go off and right properly addressed letters!

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  1. I learned this as well. My family got us a huge etiquette book. So I was constatnly looking through it.
    Did you also know if you invite a couple that isn't married the females name goes first so
    Girl First Name Last Name and Boy First Name Last Name

  2. So glad there are still girls who want to be proper!! My family loves some proper etiquette!

  3. I had no idea that was the reasoning behind it, thank you!



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