Wedding Progress

1:23 PM

We've made so much progress! I can't believe how things seem to be falling into place. Good thing too because we don't have much longer. We have a month and a half (give or take a few days) until our first wedding of 2012 and after that, things are going to fly by! 

We sent in our deposit to Tre Bella Florist and I am so excited to be working with them! I don't think I could have dreamed of a meeting going so well. It was very similar to our meeting with Kellie. We met with Becky and besides for everything just clicking, I'm pretty sure she went inside my brain and finally figured out exactly what is was that I wanted without me even really knowing myself. That and as soon as I walked in the door I saw mercury glass was meant to be!

I'm so excited about how everything is going to turn out!
For our large centerpieces, we're going to use their tall mercury glass vases. There will be a wreath of flowers around the rim with willow branches sticking out of the top. A little neater than the picture below, but the same idea. There will also be small mercury glass votive candles and medium sized ribbed mercury glass containers with one large bloom around the bottom.

Similar idea (different vase)

For our medium centerpieces we're going to use their mercury glass hurricanes with a pillar candle inside. There will be a wreath of flowers around the hurricane and then more mercury glass votive candles around this one as well.

For the small centerpieces we're going with a smaller mercury glass vase with flowers as well as two small ribbed mercury glass vases with white hydrangea. I so wish I had gotten pictures of the mercury glass containers. They're going to be so pretty!

Here is a description of the flowers that are going to be in the centerpieces:
peonies, garden roses, spray roses, astible, hydrangeas, peach hypericum berries, greenery, and lamb's ear in whites/ivories, light pinks, and light peaches.

Bridesmaid's bouquets will be very similar to these. I think they're going to look incredible against their charcoal dresses.

I'm going with something a bit more subtle. They might be a little lighter or a little pinker than this image.

The boys are going to have a similar bout to this, but with a different flower because the ranuculus won't stand up to the heat of the day.

For cocktail hour we're going to do a combination of my family's mint julep cups with one hydrangea bloom and mercury glass votive candles.

Besides for getting a huge check out of the way, we've done even more stuff! During the Brooks Brother's Semi-Annual Sale we went ahead and ordered Brandon's tux. He is going to look so handsome! We went with the Fitzgerald cut. He has another suit in this cut and it looks perfect on him. I love that it's slimmer than their more traditional Madison (and is inspired by JFK).

I was originally planning on making moss "Ms" for the front doors to The State Club (much cheaper than flower wreaths), but then I found this seller on wonderful etsy that sells them for so much cheaper than I could even try to make them. I can't wait to order these!

I can't wait to get more DIY projects completed to share with y'all! My first major project is to design a logo for the table runners. We have numerous family members and friends that do screen printing. We figured this was the easiest way to do things!

I've also narrowed our videographer search down to three companies. This has been a long, hard search and I can't wait to make a final decision. I've also contact a group about playing our ceremony as well as another tent company. With tent rentals being as expensive as they are, I'm trying to get the best deal possible!

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  1. Everything sounds great! Wedding planning is so exciting. I wish I had thought to blog about our wedding-planning experience. You are going to love having this to look back on.

  2. I love how you said "obviously this isn't brandon in the tux", haha.



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