150 Days and time is flying!

12:38 PM

Please tell me time slows down after the wedding. Every day I seriously cannot believe how close we're getting. 150 day seems like nothing!

Yesterday we met with our tent company and I am so excited. Everything is started to come together so beautifully. I can finally start to envision how everything is going to look and it's going to be everything we ever dreamed of. I'm so excited that they can even do the strands of lighting like in my inspiration picture.

I also came across this picture on some of the many wedding blogs I peruse daily. I love how they incorporated the birch bark vases/containers with the mercury glass votives. It seem so fresh and garden-y. I'm pretty sure our florist has some of these containers already, and I can't wait to talk to her about incorporating them into our centerpieces.

I still need to go back and meet with our linen people again...with mom this time. I think I'm going to nix the idea of doing the table runners because it would just be way too much work and then we would have so many leftover after the wedding and I don't know what I'd do with them. Sometimes you just need to not do some things for your sanity and this is one of them.

I also need to get on the hunt for a dress for my bridal showers and the rehearsal dinner. I have a white Lilly dress that I'm planning on wearing to one shower, but I still need to find another dress. I'm not sure of what color and style I'm looking for, so it's better to start the search early! I have considered a one shoulder dress for the rehearsal dinner, but I haven't found any I liked yet. Of course Brandon has his RD outfit all picked out. The only thing he might do is get a new bow tie.

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