Happy Valentine's Day!

12:38 PM

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Valentine's Day so far! And an extra special happy valentine's day to my valentine! I can't wait to get upgraded to the "husband/wife" card section next year! I've been having computer problems which has kept me from blogging, but it hasn't kept me from making wedding progress!

I'm not even sure if I've posted about this yet, but we've settled on a company for our tent! We're going to be working with Party Reflections. I can't say enough good things about Paula and Thad. They have both been incredible to work with thus far and are always so quick to respond. We'll also be using them for the lighting of the tent. I know they'll make it gorgeous. It's only thing that I know will be taken care. If only deciding on our linens were so easy...

And speaking of another easy meeting, we met with Wendy at The State Club this past Saturday. She just let me talk in whatever order things came to my mind and we covered EVERYTHING. I had been so concerned about how everything was going to flow and set up and the timing of everything and she has completely put me at ease.  Everything is going to be wonderful!

Cocktail hour will be in the great room of The State Club. We'll have one bar set up in there and we'll also have our baby cokes butler-ed then. The bar in the tent with "open" after dinner. Along with the bar, we're going to have three passed h'orderves. We've decided on fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese finger sandwiches, and mini ham biscuits with brown sugar.

For the main course, we're service fried chicken (boneless chicken breast) with a grit cake and bourbon glazed carrots. I'm so excited about this meal. Everything else was coming together so wonderfully, and I wasn't sure if they were going to be as agreeable with our menu choices as they were. Wendy said none of our requests would be a problem, and is so excited about our bourbon bar! Brandon already has one decanter that I got him a few years ago, and mom and I found another great one while we were antiquing this past weekend (more to come on that).

I finally tackled my first and main DIY project this weekend and I'm thrilled with how everything turned out! I make around 175 of the ribbon stirrers and 100 of the paper straws with flags. I'm planning on making 100 more of the paper straws. I think they'll look so cute sticking out of the baby cokes, but I also want to have some for guests to put in their other beverages.

We also got our custom napkins in the mail. I love the two quotes I decided to put on them, and I think our guests will too. I decided to stick with slate and white for the napkins because I didn't want the colors competing with our stirrers and straws. 

When I was home a couple of weekends ago, mom and I found the best mirror! It was originally $80 and we got it on sale at Hobby Lobby for $27! It's the exact mirror I had seen and wanted to write our menu on. We'll have it displayed on an easel as guests walk into the tent, and after the wedding we'll wipe the menu off and hang it above our buffet in the dining area.

Mom and I also got 4 dessert plates while we were antiquing. They're going to make beautiful table numbers...now we just have to find 14 more! We're going to look at Replacements, Ltd to see if we can find some good deals there.

I'm also having my hair and makeup trial next Thursday! I'm so excited to talk with her and also figure out veil placement. Mom and I were messing with my veil a few weekends ago and I have no idea how to put it in my hair to not make is look like it's pulling me backwards when I walk.

Here are my inspiration pictures:

I love how she looks so natural, but still made up at the same time. I love her eye makeup and her thick eyebrows.

I really like both of these hairstyles, so I'll just have to see which one works best for me. Can't wait to see how it goes! I'm not sure if I'll post pictures because I really don't want Brandon to even see me with my hair done. I want everything to be a surprise when I see him for the first time on June 30th!

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  1. Love your blog and all the neat things! I'm getting married in Raleigh in November and found your blog through being a fellow Southern Weddings blogger! I just had to ask who you're using for hair and makeup? I've been looking around for someone but it's hard to know who to book because portfolios aren't as strong. Thanks for any recommendations! Looking forward to following you through your big day!



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