How To: Paper Straw Flags

10:44 AM

I know I said a while ago that I'd post my tutorial for my paper straw flags, so I'm finally making good on that!
What you'll need:
-Your paper flags printed out
-A paper cutter/slicer (like the ones you use for scrapbooking)

1. I made my template on InDesign and then exported it to a PDF to print. If you don't have InDesign to make your own, there are numerous programs where you can download a premade template and just change the writing. This is a great one.

2. Once you get your print out how you want it to be, print it out on slightly thicker than normal paper (I think mine was 50 lb.). 
3. Here's where your paper cutter comes in. You have to cut all the strips out - for mine, I did very faint gray lines so that I would have a guide of what I was cutting. I seriously think I'd still be cutting (my very uneven strips) if it weren't for this lifesaver.
4. Once you have all of your strips cut out, take a piece of your double sided table and place it on the inside of what will become your paper flag. Cut the excess tape off the sides, and then wrap the paper around the straw at whatever height you want your flag to be at and line up the edges.
5. Now cut out the triangle and voila! A paper straw flag!

6. Now just make 99 (or however many your making more) and you'll have a fun and easy way to spice up your drinks!

If you're interested in making the ribbon drink stirrers that I also made, head over to Emily from Southern Wedding's blog for the tutorial I used.

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show yous some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)def a super cute idea!!

  2. We're using these as escort cards. What were the dimensions that you used on InDesign?



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