Registry Dilemma

12:27 PM

I'm sure some of you remember our fine china in I couldn't decide on one! I had resigned myself into thinking that we'd be okay with just our everyday china and we could dress it up with different accent plates. I love our everyday, but it just doesn't replace a fine china for dinner parties and things like that.

Here's our everyday for a refresher:

A couple of months ago, I came across Abby Larson's Vintage Chic china for Newlywish and fell in love with it. It's definitely a summer/spring pattern, but isn't Christmas china what winter's for? It's super feminine and pink, and just looks fancy (Brandon likes it too). 

I thought we'd never be able to find anyone that carried it, but as all the pieces turned out to be by Wedgewood, it wasn't as hard as I would have thought. They actually carry it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond!

I have three issues with registering for this china though.

1- We're already registered at three places and I feel like a fourth would just be too much and would cause lots of duplicates on our registry. {A plus side for this though, is that there is probably a Bed, Bath & Beyond closer to Brandon's family than any of our other registries.}

2- We're registered for our everyday china at a specialty tabletop store, and I'm worried that if we're registered for our fine china at a store that's easier to get to, we  won't get as much of our everyday (which is what I'm more concerned about getting).

3-We'd have to register for all the pieces separately, which might make it more difficult/annoying/frustrating for people.

4- I don't know if this is a completely silly reason, but I feel like the gold rim wouldn't go with our silver flatware.

What do y'all think? What would you do if you were me?

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  1. Hey girl. I have two thoughts.

    First of all, I totally registered at four places. I knew it may raise a few eyebrows, but the point of a registry is to get a couple things that they would love to have. And it just so happened that four stores had things that we wanted for our new home :) So I say, go for it!

    Another idea would just be to ask for fine china pieces from both sets of parents for this Christmas and upcoming Christmases. That way you can slowly build on your collection piece by piece.

    You'll also probably get wedding money that you would buy some pieces yourself with!

  2. I think you can register at 4 places and that be completely acceptable. I'm registering at 3, maybe 4.

    But, I do see your point about not getting enough of your every day. But the other commenter made a good point about getting money from a lot of people that you can get the rest of your everyday dishes.

    Or, you could register at the 4th store but not really share that with your entire guest list and use that as an anniversary/christmas/birthday list for family for the next few years. I know that a lot of people that don't get all the pieces they want, get the rest of the pieces over the following years as gifts.

    Now, where did you register for your everyday dishes? I really want to register at a specialty store but haven't found one I like yet. (I'm in RDU too).

  3. Also you are so lucky that Brandon likes that china! My fiance would never let me choose something like that! lol.

  4. Go for it. I did 4 also because Quintessentials and Williams Sonoma had some things other stores didn't. Belk's carries Wedgewood, too, or at least they used to and I just juggled my registry primarily through them. Most of our gifts were from Belks, with Bed Bath and Beyond second, so both are good. Good luck.



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