100 DAYS!!!!

11:55 AM

I seriously can't believe it, y'all. 100 days. I know to some of your (mostly that haven't planned a wedding), 100 days seems like a good chunk of time. Now take into consideration that we started our engagement with 596 days to go. That's almost 600 which just seems like an insane number to start at...but we're getting there! 

Even though we still have a ton of little details to take care of, I'm feeling really good about where we are with our planning. (I might feel completely different about this when I start addressing our invitations).My things to do checklist on the side of this blog is really helping me out. I think I would have forgotten a million things if it weren't for that list. It's going to be so weird to check off the final item. 

Now on to shoes...

Months ago, I ordered the prettiest blush shoes ever from BHLDN. Even though they had a 4" heel, I was hoping that the 1/2" platform might help to ease the pain of wearing such high heels for a million hours on our wedding day.The more and and more my practical side takes over, the more concerned I am about the heel height. 4" is super high...especially if you're already 5'8.5."

Mom is going to take them home this weekend to see if her shoe cobbler could possibly cut them down...even by just half an inch. I know it's a long shot, but it's worth a try. 
The other night we (Meredith and I) came across an awesome picture that could be a reality for my wedding shoes.

I'll definitely keep y'all updated to see which option we end up going with!

I'm also struggling with picking my garter...any options would be greatly appreciated!
Here are my top picks:

I would get this in blush...from my favorite etsy seller who made my veil and sash.


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  1. Congrats on the 100 day countdown! My one year countdown starts next Friday and I am SOOOO excited!!! I, too, am looking for a pair of blush colored shoes, but flats - fiance is on the shorter side. :) Love the garters you picked out.

  2. Yay for the 100 day count-down! It's really not that far away!

    I love the idea of adding the broach to your shoes! Then they can be your something old, since you already had them! I bet they'd be so pretty! And I love the third garter--LOVE the monogram!



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