Abby's Bridal Shower

11:14 AM

We had one crazy weekend (like most of them for the next 3 months will be)! Mom and I were all over the place getting things together for my cousin's fiance, Abby's shower on Sunday. 

Our first stop of the day was the Southern Weddings yard sale. Y'all. They are so nice. We walked up and it was so funny to see all the girls whose articles I read every day. I had been really looking forward to meeting everyone. I got to talk to Emily for a quick second which was exciting because I love reading her blog for inspiration. Then there was Lara. She was so sweet (and gorgeous). I wish I could have stayed and talked to her for hours. She is the reason we went with Inkspot Crow for our wedding video (have y'all seen her baby video?) If it weren't for her, there wouldn't even be a Southern Weddings! I can't even imagine how amazing it is to work for that incredible lady.

We got some great stuff for the shower at the yard sale for a whopping $15. We ran around the rest of the day getting things. An extra special thank you to Kathy at DimeStoreBuddy for meeting us in Cary with the paper straws. 

The shower was hosted at my aunt's house (MOG). They live in an awesome old farm house that they restored (and added on to). My mom loves telling us that their now dining room used to be my uncle's mom's bedroom.

This burlap banner was mostly made by Brandon. Yep, he does it all, folks. I cut out the triangles and then he stenciled the letters and SEWED the banner together. After seeing how good this one turned out, I want to make some burlap banners for the fireplaces inside The State Club during cocktail hour and then have a Mr. and Mrs. banner on the backs of our chairs. I think it'll be nice to tie in the burlap a little more since our moss letters will be hung with burlap ribbon.

This was my take on the paper lanterns/tissue poms that has been floating around Pinterest for in nurseries. I think it turned out really nice and added a fun element to the room.

Dessert table! My youngest girl cousin made all these yummy cupcakes.

Vintage dessert plates. Most of these were either my grandma or great grandma's plates.

I framed their wedding invitation in one of my favorite frames. I thought it was a nice addition to a table overflowing with food.

The drink area. We had ice water, ginger ale with fresh strawberries and water with orange, lime, and lemon slices. All the drinks were amazing!

The entire spread. We had barbecue (courtesy of my cousin) sandwiches with and without coleslaw, pimento cheese with crackers, mini chicken salad sandwiches, mini cucumber sandwiches, a veggies platter, and nuts (plus all those desserts)!. No one left hungry.

I wish this photo had turned out a little better. I made mini toothpick flags for the barbecue sandwiches and the cupcakes. One side of the flag said, "Abby & Matt" and the other said "Shower in Love."

The shower was a lot of fun and was well worth all the running around on Saturday...which was some kind of holiday wasn't it? At least I wore my green pants for all of our errands!

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