Let the Festivities Begin!

4:11 PM

Part of this week seems to have crept by and the other part makes me wonder where it went! I'm headed to Charlotte tonight to spend the night with my cousin before we make our way down to Charleston for her bachelorette weekend!

I promise to be back next week with lots of exciting recap posts as well as our 3 month countdown. Can y'all believe how fast time is flying? 3 months left (tomorrow)! I made a pretty detailed spreadsheet of our to do list with due dates and I think that's really going to help our productivity. I can't help but think I'm forgetting something (even though it's a pretty long list). I honestly don't know how I would have planned this wedding without Google docs!

Until next week...I'll leave you with a pretty picture of what my weekend views will be like.

It seems like almost everyone else (except for a trusty few) have been on a blogging hiatus this week too! I guess everyone's getting swept up in Spring Fever!

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  1. Are you going to Charleston??? W will be there Wednesday and I'm counting the days



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