Mr. and Mrs. High Cotton

12:52 PM

Y'all know how much Brandon and I love High Cotton Ties (I'm pretty sure I've blogged about them at least 10 times). Judy and James are seriously the best and now we have our very own chance to help represent them! 

We've been selected as 1 of 11 finalists for 2012's Mr. and Mrs. High Cotton. Along with having our wedding pictures featured on their website, our groomsmen would win cummerbund sets! 

Please, Please, Please, head over to High Cotton's facebook page. You first have to 'like' their page and then please 'like' our picture. This would seriously be so amazing and I am so excited with just the possibility of it all!

I know that at the end of the day, Brandon and I will be married and I can assure you that I don't need anything more than that, but how neat would this be?!

P.S. Thanks in advance! :)
P.P.S. Say a prayer for me that I don't bust with excitement before voting ends!

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