Things to do in March

2:56 PM

Since there isn't a February 30th and I didn't do an official 'countdown' post at four months, I let my monthly list of things to accomplish slide and I figured it'd be nice to post about it for a little extra accountability.

-Find a hair/make up person for me
-Figure out hotel blocks
-Decide on groomsmen's attire and let the guy's know
-Figure out if we're going to have a bagpiper at the ceremony
-Order my garter
-Talk to Wendy at The State Club about our reception menu
-Work on favors
-Make drink stirrers/straws we could have done a lot better with our to do list last month, but we've been so busy! I know that's a terrible excuse considering things will only get more hectic and time will fly by even quicker. Having a groom that's involved in the planning process is wonderful, but now I just need him to start checking things off of his list.

Brandon's list includes:
-Figure out bagpiper situation (are we or aren't we having one at the ceremony)
-Hotel blocks for our guests
-Hotel room for our wedding night
-My wedding band
-Groomsmen attire (we need to pick out the tuxes and cummerbund sets and get the guys measured)
-Figure out logistics of the bourbon bar

My(/our) March list includes:
-Picking wedding cake baker
-Finalize ceremony music
-Order card box
-Start addressing invitations (to be mailed out the end of April)
-Order Brandon's wedding band
-Order garter
-Figure out shoes situation 
-First dress fitting (March 23rd!)
-Start working on wedding favors
-Look for good deals on sparklers and matches for our getaway

I know this list seems very optimistic, but I'm hoping to knock out a good chunk of this stuff. I know that for the most part, it's not a big deal if something doesn't get done. We'll be just as married without a sparkler exit as we will be with one.

Only 114 more days! I can't wait to be in double digits!!

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  1. we used a vintage bird cage for our card box! It was awesome and we use it in our guest room now!

  2. My wedding is only a week before yours, so I definitely understand being really busy! You are actually doing better on keeping things organized then I am though so thanks for giving me the inspiration to step the game up!:)

  3. You're so organized, and it seems like you got a lot done in February, even though you were so busy! I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding--I know it's going to be gorgeous!



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