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10:28 AM

So I'm pretty sure there are four people planning this, Brandon, mom...and my brother Ryan. Granted, he doesn't know he's helping plan this wedding, but his advice is definitely taken with more than a grain of salt. There are two things you should know about Ryan besides for being adorable (or as adorable as a 6'5" "man" can be). He's always completely honest when you ask for his opinion, and when he has something to say and most definitely when he has an opinion, you better listen.

Case in point. 
Me: Ryan, when do you think Brandon and I should get married, December or June?
Ryan: Definitely June

And as y'all know...when is our wedding?

He's also helped us decide to go with High Cotton Ties cummerbund sets for the groomsmen and sat through a two hour appointment with our rental company while I was debating linens (for the 3rd time).

Now he's helped us decide on our favors. I've blogged before about how we were going to do the tins with family recipes, but always had in the back of my mind that people might not take them with them since edible favors are always preferred.

I don't know how we got on the topic, but we were talking about the family recipe favors and Ryan all of a sudden asked about the strawberry jam, which was my original favor idea. After discussing it with him, mom, and Brandon; we all decided that strawberry jam would be a nice gift to give our guests and would be fun to make (we'll see after we've made 180 4 oz. jars though).

I found a great recipe for the jam that I can't wait to try!

We're going to use these 4 oz. quilted mason jars from Ace.

I think labels like these will be perfect for the top of the lid.

I'm also planning on adding a little tag with a more personal thank you to our guests.

So what do y'all think of our new wedding favors? I know it'll be a lot of work, but we're definitely a family where cooking and baking is a stress reliever! Any tips would be welcome though!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE the favor idea. I would be so happy to be at a wedding where these were given out at the end of the night. I'd most certainly hit up the grocery store the next morning for biscuits to pair them with!

    I was married last May and I know how crazy it is to work off of a large checklist. If you ever have any wedding questions, I'll be happy to let you know some of my experiences!

  2. Love the jam idea, I think this will be cute! NC strawberries will be great from mid-April to early June, so you'll have plenty of time to make multiple batches of the jam and preserve them.

    The only thing that I would be worried about is the actual canning process with heating all of those jars. You will just need to make super sure it is clean/sealed correctly since you're distributing food to everyone and don't want to be liable for any food safety issues.

    I saw this blog post and she has some good information about strawberry jam and the canning process. There are a lot of comments with more info too.

  3. So cute!!! A friend of ours did apricot perserves and homemade chocolate pecan pies and it was amazing!

  4. Good idea! I have a friend who did something similar. If you decide that you dont want to make all of the jam, I used to help sell jam for a family friend who makes this delicious jam! Its called Sallie's Greatest and you can google it! It so delicious. Love new and different wedding favor ideas!

  5. Should I go for the
    Personalized Wedding Favors or some cheap gift ideas? I am so excited about wedding favors..!!!



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