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9:38 AM

We had a very productive day yesterday!

At lunch we headed to Sweet Memories Bakery for our one and only cake tasting. I was already a fan of them because of how delicious and beautiful Meredith's wedding cake was. After browsing their website and a lot of local bakeries, I knew that they were probably going to be our pick. Their butter cream cakes are always so perfectly iced and with the simplicity of the "design" we wanted, we needed perfection.

The only test was whether we liked their red velvet cake or not. Our helper (I'm sure she has a much fancier title than that), Danielle, brought out a huge platter with two squares of their most popular cake flavors. We tried each of the 9 flavor options (there are more we could have tried if we weren't as decisive), saving the best for last. As you can tell from the picture, the red velvet was our favorite. We also really enjoyed the southern aristocrat (sweet potato cake), but decided that it felt more like a fall wedding cake flavor. 

After deciding to do all red velvet cake with cream cheese icing as the filling, we showed her what we were thinking for the cake. Needless to say, she was happily surprised with not only how easy the cake we wanted would be to make, but with how sure we were in our decisions. Our cake will look just like the picture we showed her, except our flowers will be more in the blush and peach color family than the yellow. I love have classic the cake will look with the smooth butter cream. We also made a cost saving decision while we were there. We're doing a smaller 3 tier cake that will feed 80 and then a sheet cake that will feed 100. Once you take the cake back into the kitchen, you won't know which is which anyways. They'll all be the same four layer red velvet with cream cheese. It not only saves us $2/slice on the sheet cake slices, but it also makes it quicker to get the cake served and out to our guests to enjoy!

We also talked to Wendy and since we went with the smaller cake, we're going to be able to have the cake displayed inside during cocktail hour in the nice air conditioning so it doesn't melt. Then they're going to carry out the cake to the tent when it's time for us to cut it. This way we won't lose people going inside for the cake cutting and then trying to get everyone back outside again for eating cake and dancing.
And if anyone knows where we can get a cake stand like the one pictured (16" diameter), that would be SO helpful!

We also had an exciting package waiting for us when we got home from work. (One that I had completely forgotten about too!) I really love the way our moss letters turned out and I think they'll look great on the front doors to The State Club as guests enter our reception. I think it'll really help to set the mood for our Southern wedding. Seeing them made me even more thankful that this was one project I decided not to DIY. The care and time it took to make them would have been frustrating for my perfectionist nature, and I adore the color moss she used and I would have had no idea where to find it. Lauren did an excellent job and I highly recommend her! I look forward to hanging an M on our front door after the wedding!

We then headed to The State Club to look at some of our linens in the actual setting and in almost the same lighting as it'll be at our wedding. We had narrowed it down to two choices, a champagne silk dupioni and a peach cotton. I was really leaning towards the peach because of this inspiration picture (and the price at $13/linen wasn't bad either!). 

My phone was about to die as we were heading out there, so I was praying that it would at least last long enough to let me take a couple of pictures of our options. Wendy met us out on the patio area with a table and a mahogany chivari. I laid out the peach table cloth and really liked it. Luckily, I was able to get one quick picture because as I was trying to take a couple more, my phone died. Brandon's phone camera doesn't even work, so good thing I put the peach down first! 

After seeing how beautiful the peach looked, the champagne paled in comparison. It was just too blah. Especially knowing that we'll have a ton of white with the tent and draping. I didn't want to have to have dramatic colors in the flowers just to bring some color into the tent. I'm really excited with how everything is starting to fall into place! I know all of our peoples will help to make our wedding day everything we want it to be and it makes me so happy to know that I don't have to worry because we've hired the best (in my opinion) in the industry!

I still have no idea what we're doing for cocktails and our cake table, but luckily we still have time for that...

After deciding on our guest table linens, we headed to Jos A. Bank to see their tuxedo rental options. We really liked one of the options because it was very similar to the Brooks Brothers tuxedo that we bought for Brandon. The only problem is that they are astronomically overpriced. They want $150 for the tuxedo that we liked, and that's with $40 off! They also didn't have the shoe or shirt options that we wanted. Brandon had gone to Cape Fear Formal Wear by himself and we're definitely planning on going back there to look together. I think we can get nice tuxes from them for about $50 less. 

So excited to make some more progress! It's all starting to feel so real. First dress fitting on April 5th and we'll be well under 100 days by then!

P.S. Have y'all noticed my awesome new Southern Weddings blogger button on the side of our page?! I'm honored to be a part of this group of Southern bride bloggers. If you want to check out some of their other bride bloggers, head over to that page, here.

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  1. Love the cake, obvi! ;)

    AND, I think the linen looks really great in that picture. I think it will be so pretty with the mahogany chairs and white napkins(?). Can't wait!!!

  2. Love the updates! Especially since our colors are so similar! We're doing the same thing with our cake since we're having probably 300 guests. Smaller cake and serving sheet cake. No one will even know! :)

  3. Love those peach linens, and I love that you'll be able to use the M on your door after the wedding!

  4. Hi Kelsey! Just found your blog through the SW bride blogger list - just got my badge as well! I have a wordpress blog, and it's not letting me use that account to comment for some reason, so I had to use my Google account. But I just had to comment on this post because I posted the picture you used as an inspiration photo for linens/chairs to my Pinterest a while ago! The planner who did that wedding in Charleston is the daughter of my florist in Charlotte! I pinned several other photos from that same wedding that I'm using as inspiration for my bouquet and centerpieces. Can't wait to read more about your planning! :)



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