Wedding Wednesday

9:43 AM

Despite a busy weekend, we were able to get a few wedding things done this past week. 

Most exciting, our bridesmaid dresses came in!!
Here's the sneak peak I shower on twitter:

This is Sarah's dress in front. She ordered the one shoulder to differentiate her from the other bridesmaids. I know she's going to look amazing in it!

I went over to Meredith's last night and made her try on her dress. It looks so pretty on her and I can't wait for all the bridesmaids to get to wear them all together! I think they're going to be stunning.

It's funny how the lighting really effects the color of the dress. I sent an iPhone picture to my mom and she said it looked burgandy...YIKES! 

After getting the dresses in, I'm not so sure about how I'm feeling about pairing their dresses with silver shoes. I'm worried that it might be too monochromatic. I would love them to have blush shoes, but I really don't want to make anyone buy pink shoes. I'm really gravitating toward nude shoes. I have a pair that I absolutely love and I know that they're shoes that people would be able to get some use out of.
These are the nude shoes that I have.

This is the silver color that I think the girls would wear if we decided on silver.
Nina Culver

There's also the option of letting people choose whether they want to wear silver or nude shoes and just have a mix. What do y'all think? 

On Saturday, mom and I ran to Ace to see if they had any of the mason jars we wanted for the favors in stock. I was worried because they don't have them available for purchase. Boy were we lucky! Not only did they have them, but they had 11 boxes! We have 132 of the 4 oz. quilted mason jars just waiting to be filled with jam. They should be getting another shipment of jars today, so I might try to run by there to pick up the rest of what we need. We only need 4 more boxes.

On Sunday we were discussing our table numbers since there were so many pretty dessert plates floating around. My aunt pulled out 16 of these pretty glass plates. It would be so much easier (and cheaper) to use these instead of the other dessert plates. We'd only need to find 2 more that are similar to these and we'd be all set. I could also write the numbers directly on the plate. Since they're glass, they'd be easy to clean off afterwards without worrying about messing up the plate.

Since March is flying by, I thought it would be nice to give an update on where we are with our to do list.

Brandon's list includes:
-Figure out bagpiper situation (are we or aren't we having one at the ceremony)
-Hotel blocks for our guests - we've booked blocks at one hotel and just need to go visit the Mariott
-Hotel room for our wedding night
-My wedding band
-Groomsmen attire (we need to pick out the tuxes and cummerbund sets and get the guys measured) - we're close to making a decision on these. we just need to make one more visit to cape fear and then decide between them and jos a. bank
-Figure out logistics of the bourbon bar

My(/our) March list includes:
-Picking wedding cake baker - check, check, checkity, check check
-Finalize ceremony music
-Order card box  -working on this one. my grandpa has some old hard luggage that we might be able to use for this
-Start addressing invitations (to be mailed out the end of April)
-Order Brandon's wedding band
-Order garter
-Figure out shoes situation - working on this too - Meredith and I came up with lots of ideas last to come tomorrow.
-First dress fitting (March 23rd!) - moved to April 5th
-Start working on wedding favors - Yay!!
-Look for good deals on sparklers and matches for our getaway

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  1. I didn't know you and Meredith were friends! I've been following her blog for a while now, since she was engaged! Love her :)

    So fun seeing all of your wedding updates! Love the bridesmaids dress you chose! It sounds like everything is coming together so nicely! Can't wait to see/hear more!

  2. Oh and I also wore the Nina Culver shoes (but in Ivory) on my wedding day. I loved them! They're so comfy!

  3. So in love with Amsale dresses! Love the color.



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