Weekend Recap

12:48 PM

We had a wonderful family weekend and I hate that I took no pictures. I was having such a good time with my mom's side of the family, so I completely forgot. 

We had our dinner out on Friday night at Brandon and my favorite, 18 Seaboard. We love eating there under a regular reservation, but I can seriously not say enough good things about them for private dining. We were in their private room, which was a wonderful thing to be able have 18 of us at one table. The service was impeccable and we even got some complimentary fried pickles along with our starters! Everything we ate was incredible and they even brought out my grandpa and uncle a special dessert for their birthdays. It was definitely a wonderful first impression to make everyone excited about going back for the rehearsal dinner!

Saturday we went and met with Party Reflections to look at different linens before heading to my uncle's for lunch. I seriously cannot make up my mind about these linens. Paula at Party Reflections was so nice (and patient) and even let me take some linens with me! Brandon and I are going to take them over to The State Club sometime this week to see which ones look best out there. We're choosing between a white, champagne, and a peach. 

Lunch at my uncle's was delicious as always and later that day we headed to my aunt's for dinner. It was great to get to spend so much time with my Grandpa. It makes it all that much better knowing they'll be back in April for Matt and Abby's wedding and in June for our wedding. Then we'll get to see them again in August when we go up to Coop! It's so nice knowing that "see you soon" really means soon this time. My grandpa always says, "never say goodbye" and I love getting to say see you in a month and a half! I know mom's thrilled about it too!

Saturday night after the carolina vs. pukie dookie game, we all headed back to High Point so Brandon and Ry could see mom's new townhouse. I can't wait to go back next weekend and help mom get things a little more organized and get some more wedding planning stuff checked off our list.

What a crazy weekend!! I'm pretty worn out from all the driving, but it was all completely worth it. We're also planning a shower for my cousin-to-be for March 18th, so I'll have lots of fun updates on that once I know everyone's gotten their invitations. 

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