2 Months!

4:45 PM

Okay, seriously y'all. I know I say it EVERY month, but I really can't believe how close we're gettng to the wedding. Tomorrow we're able to officially go get our marriage license and I can also say that I'm getting married next month! I know that we're still a bit of a way from it really being "next month," but it will be May tomorrow and June comes after May! I just have to wait for the very last day in June...

I am so proud of our to do list tackling this past month. I made a super OCD google doc that has our tasks left to do separated by month with a "due by date" as well as a note column and who's task it is to complete.

This was our March to do:
-Find a hair/makeup person
-Decide on groomsmen's attire - most of the GM have gotten fitted!!
-Order wedding bands - ordered!!
-Figure out bagpiper situation (are we or aren't we having one at the ceremony) - not having one
-Hotel blocks for our guests - practically don't, Brandon just has to sign the contract
-Hotel room for our wedding night - will be done at the same time our hotel blocks are finalized
-Honeymoon  - I cannot wait for this vacation together!!
-Figure out logistics of the bourbon bar
-Talk to Wendy at The State Club about our reception menu
-Work on favors
-Make drink stirrers/straws
-Pick wedding cake baker
-Finalize ceremony music
-Order garter

April to do:
-Dress alterations
-Contact band with first dance song
-Order pom poms for exit
-Order rehearsal dinner invites
-Finalize ceremony
-Address and mail invitations - waiting on stamps that should be in the mail today!
-We also need to figure out when we're meeting with Tre Bella and Inkspot Crow. 

Some other April accomplishments we've made are:

-Booked our ceremony musicians. 
We've decided to go with Arioso Strings and I'm so excited about this choice. They played Meredith's wedding and everything was perfect.

-Ordered my new wedding shoes! 
After talking with Brandon and mom, I decided to go with the multi-glitter Kate Spade Karolina pumps. I love how my posture is automatically better when I wear heels and I just adore these shoes. They're going to be so sparkly!

-Ordered table numbers.
After discussing all the would be involved in making the dessert plate table numbers, I decided I didn't want to deal with the stress. Instead, I've ordered these cute numbers from my new favorite, Rifle Paper Co.

-Remember the awesome red corvette that my cousin's drove away from the church in? My aunt emailed me the other day asking if we wanted to use it too! It's going to look awesome and will be the perfect Wolfpack red to go with our red and white pom poms for our exit!

-We asked cousin to do a reading at the ceremony, so all that's left is to decide on the hymn we want to sing and we'll have our actual marriage ceremony finalized.

-We also met with our pastor last week {for the last time} and we're officially approved to get married!! 

May is going to be a busy month with lots to do, but I know we'll be able to get it all done!

-Mail invitations
-Make sure all male members of the bridal party get fitted for their tuxes
-Meet with ESUMC wedding coordinator
-Second dress fitting
-Meet with Tre Bella
-Bridal Portraits!!!
-Order barrels for bourbon bar
-Order cotton bolls for escort cards and bouts
-Send band play and do not play lists {i.e. NO line dances}
-Order paper for ceremony programs
-Decide on cardbox
-Put together guestbook
-Get marriage license (squeal!!!!!)
-Buy baby cokes for cocktail hour
-Make strawberry jam for favors (this is going to take forever, I'm sure)
-Make getting ready playlist
-Address and mail RD invites
-Design ceremony programs
-Make OOT bags for hotel blocks
-Put together family wedding photos
-Get bridal party gifts
-Make burlap bunting for guestbook and cardbox

That was a lot to even type out!! Luckily we have a good mix of things that are easy and will take longer, so I don't think I'll be too overwhelmed.

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  1. we knicked the line dances at our wedding too. Andrew said it was a wedding not a middle school dance haha

  2. well all of us folks who's husband do not dance are sad, one line dance is for the old folks, LOL Much Love Aunt marcia



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