Charleston Catch Up

11:11 AM

What a weekend! This was only my second time as an adult going to Charleston. My first real time I was three and we just went in for the day from Kiawah, so I don't think that really counts.

We ate at some of the best restaurants! I wish I had taken pictures of my food because everything was scrumptious! 

We ate at:
Mercato on Friday night
Poogan's Porch for brunch/lunch on Saturday
39 Rue de Jean on Saturday night
Leaf Cafe for brunch on Sunday

I honestly couldn't speak more highly of these restaurants.

We got there on Friday afternoon and walked around in some of the shops on King Street. We had a pretty laid back night because a couple of the girls were getting up super early to do the Cooper River Bridge Run that morning. I was able to score a cute dress from Forever 21 for only $30! Normally I'm not a fan of Forever 21 because it can be so overwhelming, but I think the fact that it was in Charleston made it more appealing. I'm planning on wearing this dress to my Laurinburg shower.

I think for the girls that ran the race, it was definitely an experience. The race started over an hour late (we still don't really know why), and then one of the girls phones (her music) died before the race even started and my cousin's died at the 5th mile. I think I would have died. So proud of them for finishing and running the entire time! It's definitely something I would love to do one day (after lots of training).

Saturday was spent with more shopping and a quick nap before getting ready. We wandered into the cutest store called Lilly. I could have spent hours (and thousands) in this adorable store. They had the cutest greeting cards and I wish I had stocked up. 

They also have these cute cards from Rifle. What a perfect way to ask your maids!

I did make one purchase while we were at Lilly. It's very similar to the necklace below, but mine is in a more sapphire, rich blue color. I love it and have already received numerous compliments.

We threw my cousin a lingerie shower in the hotel room before heading to dinner and starting the festivities.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I loved getting to spend so much time with my cousin! All of her friends were so nice and I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm already planning our short stop in Charleston on the way back from the honeymoon!

More wedding updates with our 3 month countdown coming tomorrow along with some exciting news!

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  1. It looks like y'all had a great time! =) My parents did the bride run. We didn't, but next year! :) We were in Charleston Friday night though, for a concert. I love the city!

  2. What did you think of Charleston overall? I've been very interested in visiting there for quite some time

  3. I love poogans poarch.. my favorite resturant :)

  4. I loved it! There's so much to do and I love the history of the city. Last time I was there, we went on a carriage ride which was so much fun and so interesting/informative. I definitely recommend going as there's something for everyone from the food to the shopping to the history of the city (Fort Sumter is really neat too).



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