Friday Five

3:26 PM

I thought for today's Friday Five it would be fun to let y'all know what's been going on over at Casa de McPherson.

1-Brandon, Ryan, and I started Insanity this week. Let me tell you, it's definitely living up to it's name. I don't think I've ever gotten a harder workout or been more sore. I actually worked through most of my soreness during yesterday's workout. I have to skip today's workout for my dress fitting, so I'll do today's workout tomorrow instead of the designated day of rest. Oh Shaun might be the death of me.

2-Speaking of my dress fitting...I can barely contain my excitement to go put on my dress again! This is the first time I'll try it on with my veil and sash and I know it's going to make it feel so real. Mom's getting off work early so we can go together. This is definitely something that would be sad to do by yourself. I wish I could give you just a sneak peak of my dress or veil, but then Brandon would see and there's no way that's going to happen until June 30th. 

3-Tomorrow is my bridal shower! I am so excited about everything that Meredith's doing for it (even though I have no idea what any of it is yet). Brandon and I had to take something over to her so B got to go inside and take a sneak peak at some things. That was a mighty quiet car ride home. I could just tell he was bursting with excitement over everything he saw and didn't know what to talk about because he was afraid he might let something slip.

The beautiful invitations that Meredith sent out!

4-This morning for work we volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. It was such a great experience and it was so nice to get to know some more information about the organization. (And who doesn't like doing volunteer work {outside} when you're normally supposed to be at your desk inside!) I had no idea that they don't just give away the houses. The families that qualify (which is a 16 month process) have to log 250 volunteer hours. Then once they get the house they have a 20 year, 0% interest rate mortgage. I went on numerous mission trips with my church youth group as a teen, but this was my first time getting to use a power tool! One of the leaders taught me how to use the circular saw...y'all better watch out! I can do anything now!
5-I've started practicing my "calligraphy" skills for our invitations and I'm getting pretty nervous/overwhelmed. I definitely got better the more I practiced, but I'm also starting to wonder if it would have been worth it to just pay someone to do it for me...

I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Ahh please post a pic of your calligraphy skills! I've thought about DIY'ing it, too. One side of me is telling me I can do it, just start early enough. The other side is telling me I'm crazy because I'll be addressing close to 200 invites! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

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