Our Big News

2:07 PM

No, we're not pregnant (even though spreading the news to all of our family and friends certainly made us feel that way). After a long, dedicated, and stressful {almost} four years, Brandon is finally done with school and studying forever, meaning....


That's right y'all, I'm marrying myself a lawyer! I honestly could not be more proud of Brandon. He has worked so hard throughout his three years of law school and through this entire bar process. He is going to be such an incredible attorney and I know he'll thrive and succeed in whatever field he decided to go into. I've always had so much faith in him and it's wonderful to see him have that same faith and confidence in himself now.

It's official!

We actually didn't get the letter until Tuesday even though we found out on Monday. They sent a list to Campbell and their Director of Academic Support and Bar Success called Brandon to tell him the good news! It felt just as good to get that official letter and then see his name posted online with everyone else who had passed the bar on Wednesday. 

We've been celebrating all week and will be continuing to celebrate down at Emerald Isle this weekend!

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