Wedding Wednesday

10:02 PM

I'm finally getting to my wedding wednesday post as well as our 3 month countdown! It has been so busy around here lately. I'm finally getting around to unpacking from Charleston in time to repack for the beach. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and this vacation is coming in just the nick of time. I need a little break from things before starting to address all those invitations next week!

March To Do:
-Find a hair/makeup person
-Decide on groomsmen's attire and let the guy's know
-Order wedding bands
-Figure out bagpiper situation (are we or aren't we having one at the ceremony)
-Hotel blocks for our guests
-Hotel room for our wedding night
-Figure out logistics of the bourbon bar
-Talk to Wendy at The State Club about our reception menu
-Work on favors
-Make drink stirrers/straws
-Pick wedding cake baker
-Finalize ceremony music
-Order garter

We still have quite a bit to complete from our March list, but things aren't looking so bad. We've finally decided on the groomsmen attire. After comparing prices, we decided that Jos A. Bank had the best tuxes for the price and looked closest to Brandon's. Now we just need to get set up in their system so the boys can go get measured. It's also nice that they're conveniently located in Cameron Village

We also decided what wedding bands we want, we just have to pick a place to order them from. I'm pretty sure we'll go with Diamonds Direct because they seem to have the best pricing for what we want.

In some exciting news, my garter and sash arrived in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited about how they turned out and am so ready to wear them on our wedding day!

Our engagement announcement will also be in the News & Observer as well as the News & Record a week from Sunday (April 15th). It's going to be so exciting to see it in the paper, making it officially official! Perfect timing too since it's the day after my bridal shower!

I'm finally (for real this time) having my first dress fitting on April 13th. I can't wait to see my dress pulled together will all my accessories. My mom was awesome and was able to get my beautiful wedding shoes cut down 1/2 an inch making them (hopefully) bearable for the wedding day. Fingers crossed!!

I also think we've decided to do red and white pom poms for our exit instead of the sparklers. It was just getting to be a lot to do the sparklers and then the personalized matches, especially because I'd want to do the matchboxes instead of the matchbooks. I think this will look really neat too!

In addition to completing the things on our March list, here's what we have to get done in April. No more procrastinating with only 87 days to go!
-Dress alterations
-Contact band with first dance song and playlist
-Order pom poms for exit
-Order rehearsal dinner invites
-Finalize ceremony
-Address and mail invitations
-We also need to figure out when we're meeting with Tre Bella and Inkspot Crow. 

It's crazy to see our to do list get smaller and smaller! I really hope to have all of these things checked off by the end of April. I know it's really optimistic, considering we don't have a single free weekend this month, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Only 27 more days until we can go pick up our marriage license!

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  1. We got our rings from Diamonds Direct and they are amazing. I would definetly recommend them!

  2. How did your mom get the heel reduced? I would love to do that for mine too!

  3. My engagement ring came from Diamonds Direct and they were wonderful. We had some issues through the process, but it all worked out in the end. We ended up getting our bands from Kay because we both wanted something simple and they had exactly what we were both looking for. Can't go wrong either way!

  4. Whitney, my mom took them to a shoe cobbler (they think he's Bulgarian?) that she's used before in High Point. I'm not sure how he did it, but he said he could and it was only $16! I'll post before and after pics when I get them...she's picking them up today.

  5. your garter is beautiful. What seller did you get it from on etsy?



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