Invitation Reveal!

4:34 PM

I've talked about doing an invitation reveal for a while now, and I'm just now getting around to it! It's not so much the remembering that I want to post about them, but more that I kept forgetting to take a picture of them!

I think it's also pretty safe to assume that all of our guests have received their invitations by now (considering we sent them out on the 4th of May). 

If any other brides in the Triad are looking to get their invitations hand cancelled, I highly recommend you going to the Jamestown Post Office. Gary is the best and didn't even bat an eyelash when we came in asking if we could hand cancel them! There is just something about a small town. Everyone that came in the post office while we were in there was so friendly and gave me their well wishes!

Our invitation suite. 

I really wanted to keep the invitations themselves very simple and classic. My entire family (and probably everyone else we know) thinks I'm crazy now. I insisted on having the white 220 lb. paper from Crane. Y'all. This card stock is like 1/4 an inch think. It's insane. (Isn't that the first step...admittance?)

We ordered mini moo cards to remind our guests of our wedding website. It also helped add a bit of fun to our otherwise traditional suite.

All put together! I love how they turned out! The look like a little present just waiting for our guests to open them!

After a while, I really got the hang of the calligraphy and I love how it turned out. The inner envelopes are my favorites.

They survived the mail really well! And yes, we sent an invitation to ourselves. (We also mailed our response card back to mom). 

Are you wondering about that George Washington stamp? The one placed beside my beautiful cherry blossom stamps? Yea...about those.

So we get to the post office with me having weighed out everything so that my 90 cents worth of stamps was plenty. Right? Wrong. Since I am who I am and had to have the thickest paper ever invented, when we added our ribbon to hold everything together, they were too fat for regular mail. They would have just barely maybe gotten through the sorter, but more than likely, they would have been ruined in the process. So what's a bride to do? I took a deep breath and said, "whatever." I couldn't worry about it anyone. Ignoring the fact that I had to order my stamps from so I didn't have any ugly ones on my invitations, I agreed to let Mr. Washington and his 20 cents join my wedding invitations on their journey to our guests. It's not so bad. At least his monument is on the other stamp. (And I'm sorry to the few guests who had 2 ugly clock stamps on theirs! The post office ran out of Georges). C'est la vie.

Meredith and Caitlin were sweet enough to take pictures of their invitations when they arrived. I think they handled the US Postal Service pretty darn well! 

We purchased our invitations from Reaves Engraving in Laurinburg, NC. Not only are they from Brandon's hometown, but we know numerous people who used them with great success. They were seriously wonderful to work with and made things so easy on me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at wedding invitations. You really cannot beat their price, either. We probably paid half as much for our letterpressed invitations that a lot of the "cheaper" online companies would have charged us.

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  1. I found your blog through Southern Weddings and I just had to comment. I work in Jamestown and having gone to the post office multiple times I knew I would go to Gary to get my invites hand canceled. Ha! What a small world!

  2. Kelsey-I feel your pain! I ordered my invites from Frances King (Paperbuzz) and they gave me the components to go weigh so I could order custom stamps from Zazzle. Unfortunately, the envelope didn't begin to weigh what the real invitation envelope did. So, when I went to mail them, I had to buy an extra stamp. The rigt postage was a ram. My husband went to State and works there, so I knew what the consequences of that choice would be. I looked at the next most expensive stamp and it was a polar bear. Not so cute, so I went with the ram and caught a lot of smack. Of course, the Carolina crowd liked it!



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