Let Talk About Accessories

10:41 AM

Since my bridal portraits are tomorrow (eeeek!!!), I've been trying to finalize my wedding day accessories. This is actually a bit harder than I had originally thought it would be. There are way too many cute choices out there!

For earring, I had originally thought about wearing my diamond or pearl studs or maybe finding a pearl/sapphire or diamond/sapphire combo earring. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be fun to have a statement earring. Especially with my hair being in an updo, it would draw more attention to my face.

Last night Brandon and I made a J.Crew run (because at 8:15 last night I realized I wouldn't have time besides for right then). I had already looked at some of the different options and new what I wanted to get. Luckily, they had them in the store!

They actually don't even have the other pair on the website right now. I really love both of them, so I'm just going to wait and see how they look with my hair and makeup done and in my dress. At least I've narrowed it down to two choices! Maybe I'll wear one pair for the ceremony and the other for the reception...

I never considered wearing a necklace, but lately I've been thinking it might be fun to wear the gold monogram necklace {that I'm hoping to get for our honeymoon} for the dancing part of our reception.

One thing I know for sure is that I can't wait to wear these pretties! It was such a relief being at my second fitting and not having my feet hurt. They're even more sparkly in person! 

We've been getting so much accomplished with finalizing our day-of timeline as well as our ceremony order. I'll try to share those with you soon as well as our invitation reveal! Mom's been getting lots of RSVPs in the mail so far (hopefully it keeps up). Now there are actually people coming to our wedding! I better get busy with my final preparations!

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  1. I have those same earring for my wedding!!! I caught them on sale a few weeks ago for $40.00.

  2. Both bracelets are gorgeous! (and so are the earrings). If the bracelet(s) don't go with your earrings, maybe wear the bracelet for your exit or have it incorporated into the wrapping of your bouquet?



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