Next Month!

11:38 AM

Someone ask me when we're getting married, you know you want to. 

No takers? Okay, I'll ask myself.

Kelsey, when are you getting married?!

NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we're meeting with our wedding coordinator to go over the logistics of our ceremony. Brandon and I decided on all the details (music, readings, etc) yesterday so it'll be nice to do a mini-run through with her. 

My wedding shoes are being delivered tomorrow and I can't wait to prance around the house in them. I just know they're going to be so fun and sparkly (and hopefully as comfortable as my other kate spade karolina's).

Another small thing I've been considering was having a "wedding day fragrance." For the longest time I thought it was kind of silly to have a perfume that you only wore for your wedding day and then for other special occasions. Especially since I've always been a one perfume kind of girl. Why wouldn't you want to smell like yourself on your wedding day? Then the wedding industry got to me. I mean, it is a really special occasion, and it would be nice to wear something different.

I've been wearing Chanel Chance for 5 years now. It smells lovely, but I'm almost ready for something new. That and I can never seem to get a certain anecdote out of my head when I put it on. One of my bridesmaids also wears Chance. Before she was married (with a baby on the way!), she was being pursued by a man who bought her a bottle of the perfume with a note that said, "Give me a chance." Super corny, but still funny to this day.

Jeannine over at Small and Chic Home posted about wedding fragrances and she got me intrigued to try the new Elie Saab Le Parfum. I needed to find it and see if it lived up to the hype. Mom and I were at Saks on Saturday looking for dresses for the 23190318 events we have coming up and I figured I'd stop and see if they had it since our Belk doesn't carry it. I was so excited to find it and was even more delighted by the smell. Even the bottle is beautiful!

I sprayed a bit on my wrist so that we could continue our shopping and I could revisit it and see how it mixed with my own chemical makeup. I was seriously in love. I was so sad when the smell began to wear off. I made mom and Brandon sniff my wrist repeatedly and they both really liked how it smelled too.

I still wasn't sold on the "special wedding perfume" idea. Then Brandon, being the brilliant man that he is came up with a wonderful idea! He suggested that I get the Elie Saab and debut it as my new scent on our wedding day. That way it would become my married fragrance. I love this idea and now I'm just waiting to go purchase my bottle until we get a little closer. If I had already gotten it, it would be way too hard to resist the temptation to wear it!

So what do you think? Did you or will you wear a special scent for your wedding day? I feel like I've just added another thing to the ever growing list of why I can't wait to be married to Brandon!

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