Hello, June!

11:22 AM

Why, hello June! So lovely of you to grace us with your presence! Not only does Brandon turn 26 and I turn 24, but we also get to get married in this peach of a month.

With a good amount of things left on our to do list and some RSVP stragglers to get in touch with, it's really starting to sync in. WE'RE GETTING MARRIED (this month!!!!)! Last night at dinner, I was giddy just thinking about how much more fun everyday things; like dinner, will be once we're married!

I'm so excited to head east today for my bachelorette party. (We changed locations from Savannah to Wilmington to makes things a little easier {and cheaper} for everyone). I know this weekend is going to be so much fun celebrating my last month of singlehood with some of my very best friends! We can also celebrate Sarah (my maid of honor)'s engagement! You better believe I already have a copy of Southern Weddings to give to her as soon as I see her. She actually bought me my copy of V3 when Brandon and I got engaged! This is going to be such a special weekend and I can't wait!

I hope you have some fun weekend plans, too!

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  1. I'm going to Wilmington / Wrightsville Beach for my bach party, too! Can't wait to hear about yours and where you all went! Have a blast!



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