It's Wedding Week!

5:04 PM

Not only is wedding week finally here, but it's also our birthday week! Brandon's birthday was yesterday and mine is today! It was so funny that a lot of our friend's commented that they hoped I gave him a day off from wedding tasks. I hate to say that he had to do a couple of things yesterday, but they were just thrown into the mix of his fun day!

I am so happy to say that we are 98% done with our planning/wedding prep. We really only have teeny tiny last minute details to finish and I'm not worried about them in the slightest. I'm more concerned with making our wedding feel like it's finally here! Part of me feels like we've been engaged for so long that it never really felt like this day would finally get here. I'm hoping that once I pick up my dress on Thursday, it'll actually hit me. Whether it feels real or not, I'm ready to have a husband!

The fun parts of Brandon's day included the Farmer's Market Restaurant for breakfast, getting an iPhone (bye bye blackberry!), Yogen Fruz (our favorite) for dinner, and seeing a bunch of our friends at a "Welcome Home" cookout for Justin who just got done with his annual Guard training.

This morning I woke up to the most delicious breakfast. It was so yummy and a wonderful start to my birthday!

Brandon also took me to a wonderful as always birthday lunch at 18 Seaboard and tonight we're going to dinner in Chapel Hill with Mom and Dale.

I wish I could share the DIY projects we finished up this weekend, but the reveal will have to wait until after the wedding. It's the most amazing feeling when your projects turn out even better than you had hoped! 

For now, here's a peak of the emergency basket I put together for my girls. I'm sure we won't need most of this stuff, but if we didn't have it, I'm sure we'd need it!

I am so excited for all of our wedding festivities to start and for all the time and love we've put into planning this wedding to come together. I know it is going to be the best day ever. I'm antsy just thinking about it (especially because I REALLY want to give Brandon his wedding present!)

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. Happy Birthday and Congrats! My wedding was on the 9th and I've been reading your blog for forever now! I can't wait to see your pictures! It never set in with me that my wedding was that week, or the next day or THAT day even. I was so busy with my DIY wedding (but I wouldn't redo anything I did) that I never got to stop and let it all sink in. But I love saying my husband now and I didn't hesitate to have my license and everything changed to my new name, I wanted to see my new last name on EVERYTHING! I hope your wedding day is all you want it to be-I know I will never forget my own!

  2. Congratulations! And yay it's finally here!! Can't wait to see pics!!



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