The Post Wedding Haircut?

5:17 PM

The post wedding haircut definitely seems to have become a sort of newlywed "right of passage." After growing your hair out for months (or years in my case), it's nice to start off your marriage with a new look. Especially one that's less maintenance.

For those of you that know me super well, probably know/remember that I tend to freak out every time I get my hair cut. Freak out as in there are probably tears and I need words of encouragement to reassure me that it looks okay. Especially if it's senior year of high school and it goes from being super long to CHOPPED and way shorter than I was expecting...but that was 6 years ago and I really think I'm getting a lot better about it. Which I totally credit to my new hair stylist who is amazing and makes mom and me look fabulous.

I've definitely gone from long to short to long over the past couple of years (pre-engagement). The shortest probably being 6 days before Brandon proposed and I cut it out of "we're never getting married" spite.

So here we are, 17 days from the wedding and my hair is pretty long; especially for me, and I'm so sick of it. My hair and I have a definite love-hate relationship going on right now. It takes forever to dry which means it gets thrown in a ponytail every single day for work. That or a sock bun. Part of that is because I've grown my side bangs/whatever you want to call them out for the wedding so my hair is just blah when it's down and just feels really heavy (and hot) and the other is I really am too lazy to wake up early enough to have the time to dry my hair.

I think this would be what I would do it I got an actual cut instead of a trim -with a slight side bang (nothing too short). Still long enough and I'd still be able to put it up for a workout.

Who knows what I'll end up doing. I might just end up with a trim and more of a style than just long. We'll have to see how adventurous I'm feeling that day!

What are your thoughts? If you're married, did you have a post-wedding haircut?

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  1. YES! We got back from our honeymoon on a Sunday, and I got my hair cut that Thursday. I couldn't stand it any longer. I chopped it way off and regret it, it still feels so short! I think a medium length cut is a good idea!

  2. You cutting your hair out of "we're never getting married" spite made me laugh!

    My wedding is in October and I'm scared to get more than a trim before then. But I'm the same way, by the end of the work day, the hair is in a ponytail.

    My fiance NEVER notices when I get a hair cut, so I'm thinking I might get a pretty decent amount chopped off after the wedding, enough for him to notice at least :)

  3. Chopped off my hair right after getting back from the honeymoon. I love the cut you posted and you and SBD are two people who I think look beautiful with long or shorter hair! That cut would look great on you for sure!

  4. I love that cut! I chopped my hair off- it was in the middle of my back, but I got bored with it, so now it's above my shoulders- and we're have our engagement shoot on Saturday, so I'm so mad at myself for cutting it :(. If you cut it, I definitely agree that you should make sure it'll still go in a ponytail!

  5. I totally cut my hair a month after the wedding haha! And I'm SO glad I did. I feel free.



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