Wedding Weekend Eve Eve Recap

10:27 AM

We hit our 2 week mark this past weekend and were able to celebrate some fun occasions with friends! I also took a half day on Friday so that I could get some wedding errands done with mom. This included my third dress fitting. My dress was still waaay too big at my bridal portraits, so I had to make sure they took it in again. I'm headed for hopefully what is my last fitting this Friday to make sure everything is ready for the wedding!

Meredith's birthday was actually on Monday, but she celebrated with everyone this past Friday. We went to the new tapas restaurant; Oro, and had a great time! The food there was so good! I highly recommend going there with a large group of people so that you can order lots of things and share. That's what we were able to do and it worked out great. They also have a wonderful wait staff!

Kevin; Meredith's husband, got this yummy cake from Sweet Memories! I'm so excited that the next time I have cake from there will be on our wedding day! Every cake I've ever had from there was nothing short of amazing and this one was no different. It was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and we loved it!

After dinner we walked the half a block to Fox for a fun after dinner drink and then headed to The Hive
Saturday was another busy day of running around doing things for the wedding before it was time to get ready for Chris and Emily's wedding! Their ceremony was so sweet and heartfelt. I especially love it when the groom tears up and Chris did not disappoint. He was so happy to see Emily walking down the aisle towards him! I definitely got teary-eyed during the ceremony thinking that we would be there in just two weeks! It is so exciting to share in our friend's love and happiness and know they'll be there to share in ours as well!

It was also a treat to hear Arioso Strings play at the ceremony since they'll also be playing at ours. They are so talented and I know we made the right choice by going with them. It was a fun surprise that their recessional was to Journey's "Don't stop believing!" 

Their reception was held at Cobblestone Hall in City Market and they did a wonderful job of decorating! I loved all their personal touches!

I wish I had gotten a picture of their cardbox and escort card table. They were so creative! All the tables were named after some of their favorite bands/musicians and the escort cards were concert tickets! They even made a tour poster for the front door of the venue. 

Brandon and I always enjoy dancing at weddings, but there's something about a great band that makes it even more fun. Emily and Chris had the Rubberbands play and they were awesome!

The staff at Cobblestone Hall literally had to make us all leave when the reception was over because we were all still having so much fun. Being in City Market was so convenient and we were able to walk over to Woody's. There were left over Chick-fil-A nugget trays from their midnight snack (a key staple for Chris and Emily - they always bring them to tailgates!) that we brought with us. They wouldn't let us bring them inside Woody's because of a health code rule, so we all congregated outside, placed the nugget trays on the ground and had a great time eating off the ground! I seriously don't understand how Chick-fil-A is still good when it's cold.

On Sunday, Brandon, my brother, and I visited my grandma in Durham and were able to eat some of our favorite things. I was also able to get some of the recipes so that I can be a good wife and make yummy food for my soon to be husband! We're definitely planning a biscuit making lesson for sometime soon. You can't make her chicken pie without making homemade biscuits, it just doesn't work.

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