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Since there are some details (like my wedding dress) that I didn't share with y'all before the wedding, I thought it might be fun to dedicate some posts to them!

My dress shopping adventure started after we got engaged, but I had definitely looked at many dresses online before then. I was in love with the Vera Wang Whitney. It was absolutely perfect with it's combination of organza and lace. It was also totally unattainable. Just out of curiosity, I emailed Vera Wang to see how much this dress cost. Yea...$15,000...there's no way that was ever happening.

So I put that dress in the back of my mind and started my wedding dress shopping adventure the December after we got engaged (when we were originally planning a December 2010 wedding). We were in New York visiting my grandparents and were spending an afternoon shopping. We were in Saks and when I noticed they had a bridal salon, we figured we might as well just see if they had any openings. As fate would have it, someone had just cancelled and they could see me right away! It was so much fun getting to try on wedding dresses spur of the moment and I got to see some beautiful dresses. I tried on the Amsale Dahlia and it stuck out in my mind. It was just gorgeous.

That February, I made appointments at a couple of different bridal salons in the area. One specifically so I could re-try on the Dahlia. At that appointment, I was able to narrow it down to two dresses (in very different price points). 

Amsale Dahlia
Christos Brisa
They were both gorgeous, and despite my hesitations, mom stated that the Dahlia "was the one." We even had "the moment." We went ahead with placing the order, headed home, and I freaked out. Y'all. That dress is $7,400. That's crazy. I think more so, I was freaking out that my mom didn't have a problem with it. Umm...had she lost her mind?

I decided that I needed to put a hold on the dress order and look around a bit more. I made an appointment at Alexia's Bridal and went with my mom and Maid of Honor, Sarah. My consultant sat down with us and asked what I was thinking I wanted in a dress. Knowing that they were a Vera Wang Salon, I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least describe the Whitney...maybe they had something similar in our budget.

I tried on probably 6 or 8 dresses, but one definitely stuck out in our minds. It was a gorgeous Reem Acra in a much happier and less heart stopping price range. We took a few days and I thought about the dress more and more (and not in a freak out, oh my gosh, what am I thinking kind of way either). I looked at pictures online of the dress, so I could really remember what it looked like and I actually started to like it even more. 

Luckily (I guess?), Taylor Swift wore this dress in her 'Mine' music video. I say luckily because the runway model that wore that dress is a bit scary, so it was nice to see a "real" person in that dress.


I am so happy that I decided to go with the Reem Acra Orchid for our wedding. It was the perfect combination of traditional Southern romance, with a bit of fun to it. I also decided to wear a different sash than the one that came with it. 

The fun part of the dress being that even though the organza and outer fabric was white, the inner lining was blush! In the dark it was harder to tell there was a subtle pink hue to it, but in the bright sunshine, or when it was on a hanger, you could definitely tell!

I am so happy with my decision and even more thankful with the weight of the dress. We changed the wedding to June after I ordered my dress. I think it was fate. Like in Sex & The City when she said her Vivienne Westwood upped the anty, mine changed the feel of our wedding. Thank goodness I went with that dress too! Not only was it perfect for an outdoor summer wedding, but lugging around that heavy taffeta dress all day would have been a nightmare! I probably would have passed out.

Here's my dress at my first fitting. It was so exciting to finally get to put it on! 
First dress fitting
After 4 fittings, my dress finally fit! Maria (the seamstress at Alexia's) did an amazing job on my dress and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I'm so glad that I had bridal portraits taken because the dress was still way too big at them. Your mother shouldn't be able to stick her fist in the back of your dress while it's fully zipped.

Final fitting/try on (without my sash)
I also added buttons on the back to cover the zipper and I'm so glad I did. They looked gorgeous and "finished" the dress. 

 I'm waiting to get my dress cleaned and preserved because I can't bare to part with it yet. I love being able to go in our spare bedroom to look at her. 

Close up
I can't wait to see how it photographed in our pro pictures!

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  1. Stunning dress! You definitely made the right choice - it looks perfect on you!



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