Our Wedding: The Bridal Luncheon

9:24 AM

My bridal luncheon was held at Caffe Luna the day before the wedding and was hosted by my three aunts. They did such a beautiful job and I can't thank them enough for putting everything together for me and my bridesmaids.

It was a great time getting to see everyone before things really started to get crazy and the food was delicious! All of my bridesmaids were able to make it except for Sarah M., who hadn't arrived from Tampa yet.

I'm so glad that Meredith had her camera with her and was able to take all of these great pictures!

While we were having a wonderful time at the luncheon, my grandpa took Brandon and all the men on my mom's side of the family to lunch at Sitti.

It was also the perfect time to give my girl's their presents!
I was so excited to finally give them to them. I actually have a pair of these earrings myself and almost all of them had stated how much they liked them when they saw me wear them. It definitely makes present giving even more fun when you know they're going to love their gifts!

I also got them a monogrammed tervis tumbler with a kelly green monogram. It wouldn't be my wedding without gifting something monogrammed!

My two cousins who passed out programs and Brandon's sister, who did a reading also got a monogrammed tumbler and a different pair of earrings.

It was a wonderful way to officially kick off our wedding weekend and I'm so thankful to have all of those incredible women in my life.

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  1. Those earrings are absolutely beautiful! Did you just order the monogrammed tumblers off of the Tervis website?

  2. I did! They're much more reasonable if you get them directly from Tervis. You can also google a coupon code - they normally have one's for 10-15% and free shipping over a certain amount.



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