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For about a month or so before the wedding, I took a break from Pinterest. I didn't want to find anymore ideas that I just had to do. Now that the wedding is over, I've been having so much fun looking at all the non-wedding things there are!

Here are my top 5 non-wedding related pins (as they all are now) from this week:

via Lauren Conrad
I absolutely adore this dress that Lauren Conrad posted on her website this week. It's a perfect combination of the orange and pink and the open back is just flawless. My only complaint is she didn't list who the dress is by. I need it. {Which is probably good for our married budget that she didn't list it.}

via One Good Thing
How to clean your dishwasher. 
I'm definitely trying this this weekend and if this actually works, this girl is going to win some major points in my book. Dishwasher's are just gross and ours likes to smell...even though we always completely rinse all our dishes before we load frustrating.

via foodgawker
This is what's for dinner tonight! 
Brandon loves anything "buffalo" - especially when I use Texas Pete. I'm going to modify the recipe a bit to use the ingredients that we already have at home, but I think it's going to turn out great! I'm really proud of how much we've stayed home and cooked since we got home from the honeymoon!

via la belle vie
When we buy a house, I'm going to need wide plank hardwood floors like this one. {Along with a super long list of other things} My grandparents have wide hardwoods like this in their house and I love them. They bring so much character to the room.

via Emily Ley
A great reminder and would look so cute framed on an office wall or in a bedroom!

What's your favorite Pinterest find?

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  1. The dress is by Tibi, saw it when I bought myself another Tibi for a wedding coming up...sorry, but you're welcome! ;)

  2. I think that dress is by Tibi, I've seen it on RTR before. Maybe you can't afford it but you can rent it! :)



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