Brandon's New Office!

10:39 AM

This weekend Brandon and I got to go see his office and set some things up. We weren't totally prepared to get it completely set up because of the short notice - not that either of us are complaining in the slightest! It's a dream having my husband come home from a long day of work happy and satisfied with what he did all day.

We had a couple of things to hang up on his wall already, with some things still needing to be framed. I think when we're all done with it (which will probably be a couple of months), it's going to look great!

I should have done a better job taking pictures to truly show Brandon's office. He really is so blessed. Their office is located on the top floor of a downtown Raleigh building and has a great view. The entire left wall of his office consists of two huge windows!

For the wall behind Brandon's desk we've already hung up his college diploma. We're also planning on hanging up his law license and law school diploma on that wall too. We took his law license to Michael's to get framed and have to wait a couple of weeks for that to come in. 

Hopefully it won't take us as long to get a frame for his Campbell degree as it did for his NC State one. We didn't get his undergrad diploma frame until 4 years post graduation. 

I'm hoping to find some cheap wingback chairs on Craiglist that we can get recovered to replace the two chairs currently in his office. They definitely work for now, but I think a different chair would really spruce things up.

My mom gave this print to Brandon for his law school graduation. It's a map of downtown Raleigh from 1872 with all the landmarks of the time noted. It's so neat that our church is on there!

We're going to hit up some of our local antique stores to see if we can find some neat knick knacks for his bookshelf. He's added some more books since this pictures, but it's still pretty sparse.

We were given this awesome print from Old Try as a wedding present that we can't wait to hang up in his office. This needs to be framed too, but we're going to wait until we can take it to Hobby Lobby in High Point because they're much more reasonable than Michael's. 

The entire right wall of Brandon's office is a blank canvas, so we thought it would be neat to get a collection of prints that defined who he is for that wall.

Here are some other prints we would love to eventually get and frame for that wall.

NC State is obviously a huge part of our life. I only wish this print had "Homecoming" on it since that's the event we met through. Maybe the etsy seller would do a custom one?

Another Old Try print. I love the descriptions they provide for all their prints too.

I know we already have one North Carolina print, but can you every really have too much representing your most favorite state? The vintage feel of this print is great.

You really can find anything on etsy! This print is a hand drawn map of Inside the Beltline with all the different neighborhoods listed. 

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  1. Do you know where your mom got that print of Raleigh from 1872?? I'd love to get one for my fiance's office!

    Thanks for sharing all the other Etsy prints! I'm definitely going to be ordering some of them! And I bet that Etsy sell could easily do a custom one for you!

  2. I don't know how often you are in Greensboro, but there is a consignment store called The Red Collection on Holden Rd that has hundreds of chairs. My mom recovered some chairs that she got there and put them in her office, and I think they would have exactly what you are looking for. We need a picture of Brandon in a fancy suit in his new office!

  3. SK, we'll definitely have to check it out the next time we're in town! Which might end up being your engagement party!

  4. Kristyn, sorry I'm just seeing this now! For some reason it sent your comment into my spam folder!

    My mom got the print off of One King's Lane. I think I've seen it on there since then too. It came framed, but I think there's somewhere to order just the print because one of our friends got one recently too.



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