It's that time!

11:51 AM

Are you ready for some Wolfpack football!?!?

Football season has finally arrived and our little family of two couldn't be more excited! This is our 5th (and a half) football season together and I know it'll be the best one yet. How can it not be? We're married AND Sara Beth and Fred (our seatmates) are having their baby any day now! Hopefully we'll be celebrating a great season along with the other exciting things going on.

There's just something in the air the day of the first game. It makes focusing on anything else almost impossible. It's a little different this year since our first game isn't at home and it's on a Friday, but it's pretty awesome that we're playing in Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game!

I think a part of me will always miss the excitement and anticipation of the first home game when Brandon was still living at the "Sage Estate" with his best friends. They would wake up super early and blast the fight song and go around singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It was awesome. Now for home games we meet up 30 minutes before the lots even open to get in line and race to our favorite tailgating spot.

It's going to be an amazing fall and I can't wait for all the fun to start! It's so nice knowing that we get to spend the entire day most weekends with our closest friends doing something that we all enjoy so much.

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